Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ten Top-Earning Celebrity Chefs

Forbes this month laid out the 10 top-earning celeb chefs, and there are a few surprises. Number 1 is a lady, and not even a professional chef! Rachael Ray is laughing huskily all the way to the bank, with US$18 million a year.

Most of the rest don't earn that much, really. Half the list doesn't even make it to John McCain's definition of "rich" (he thinks everyone who earns less than US$5 million is considered "middle class").

1. Rachael Ray - US$18m
2. Wolfgang Puck - US$16m
3. Gordon Ramsay - US$7.5m
4. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa - US$5m
5. Alain Ducasse - US$5m
6. Paula Deen - US$4.5m
7. Mario Batali - US$3m
8. Tom Colicchio - US$2m
9. Bobby Flay - US$1.5m
10. Anthony Bourdain - US$1.5m

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  1. heya,

    came upon your blog after surfing around hungrygowhere. you've quite covered the gamut where buffets are concerned! (=

    anyway, i've been subscribing to Rachel Ray's email newsletters for a while now, and I think she really deserves to be at the top of the list - because her way of sharing/teaching is really accessible!

  2. I feel so "katak di bawah tempurung" --- Rachael who? :(

  3. Wee! Gordon Ramsey!

    But look at the difference in just one position...

  4. They probably din cover a whole lot of celebrity chefs. I cannot believe folks like Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson earn less than $1.5M. But having said that, Rachel Ray is really quite the cute home chef! :D

  5. dun worry Kenny, I'm puzzled by the name as well. only Gordon and Anthony I know, from Astro of course.

  6. The scary thing is that McCain has just an equal chance of winning the presidential election.

  7. Elleve: thanks for visiting! Yes, that's Rachel's style indeed. Hmm, I haven't checked out her newsletters but will do.

    Kenny: haha, it's OK. Maybe she's not on Astro. You might see her books at Kinokuniya though.

    SN3nk: lol yup! Ten meeelion dollars!

    Bugger: True. Maybe Jamie and Nigella earnings were not publicly available.

    J2Kfm: yeah, i don't know all of them either. Tom Colicchio is the least known, for me.

    CUMC: exactly! I hope this time more voters vote wisely!


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