Sunday, August 3, 2008

HK Kim Gary at Vivocity

Spicy soup noodles with beef,  "typhoon shelter" style
I'm really a superlate adopter when it comes to HK-style cafes or "cha charn tang". Actually, I haven't truly embraced it as am still dubious of this brand of "fusion" cuisine.

The spicy soup noodles with beef, typhoon shelter (bi feng tang) style (S$8.50) kinda reminds me of Ajisen's ramen for some reason. But hubby says the taste grows on you. It's a HUGE portion. Wish the noodles were firmer though.

Fries with minced beef sauce
Surprisingly, the most tasty item was fries with beef mince sauce (S$3.90). The fries are very well-seasoned. Available in other different "flavours" like seaweed, curry, paprika, etc. We like this better than Carl Jr's chili cheese fries. See Nadine enjoying it in the background.

Baked cheese rice with chicken wings, smothered in twin sauce
The baked cheese rice with chicken wings in two sauces (S$10.50, not worth it): this might be some people's idea of simple comfort food but it's a bit too bland for me. Skimpy on the cheese and sauces drizzled over plain, broken rice. Tong Shui Cafe's version serves fried rice, which has more flavour.

HK style milk tea and almond milk (background)
The milk tea is passable - tastes like bubble tea without the tapioca pearls. The almond milk is delightfully strong though.

We came here today after visiting MIL in the hospital (yes, she's there again, third time in six weeks). Brought both the little ones along and left my DSLR at home. I have to say the old point-and-shoot camera is still much more portable, not to mention discreet. Good for casual eateries like this, I guess.

1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-128 VivoCity
Tel: 6376-8183
Open daily 10am - 10pm


  1. i still dislike hk cafe. haha. dun think i will change my mind unless someone convince me its worth going. lol

  2. Same here, ordinarily I wouldn't choose HK cafe fare. But I kinda enjoy Kim Gary for their consistent quality. The pork chops are worth a try! Pocket-friendly prices, too, compared to most of the pricey F&B outlets at vivocity.

  3. LIC - this is my fav. hk cafe leh. what did u ate that time that gave you such a bad experience?

    anyway camemberu - the new menu with all the baked cheese with mushrooms are very nice too...

  4. I'm of mixed opinions too of HK char chan tengs...Quality of food isn't too consistent but there are some gems... like when I'm in a rush, a quick fix of mushroom rice with pork chop plus ying/yong (iced) can be heavensent. :)

  5. i tried the xin wang outlet at anchorpoint and my opinion changed for the better because their service and food actually felt much better here.

  6. My opinion of CCT, very expensive instant noodles! LOL

    But there are things you can try to. At Kim Gary, the thick toast is not too bad. It's not what you will eat every day, but once in a while, eating toast topped with peanut butter and condensed milk is a treat. (the only time I eat condensed milk btw)

  7. Hi,

    i am sad that ur MIL is in such a bad shape ... will u update us on her condition ?

    May God bless Her and hope her health will recover soon...

  8. I agree with aromacookery that their pork chops are nice. I had that with their mushroom rice which I thought was pretty good too. But as for the baked pasta and rice my friends had, not so good reviews.

  9. I like the french toast here. KPM: Try it! It's nicer than the thick toast. :) The sets at Kim Gary are very worth it too.

    HK cafe at Novena is really good for their peanut butter french toast & CCT food. Xinwang & Tongshui do really delicious peanut butter thick toasts! Sounds almost sacrilegious but I think I quite like CCTs! (read peanut butter) :D

  10. when i first moved to hk, i find the food here is a lil too bland for my taste...but i get used to it after a while

    what i find interesting is...we hardly (if not never) eat any of the food you had at this so called "char chan teng" hehehe...i'll look for them here :)

  11. Coming to you blog every in the morning is not a very good idea. The pictures of all the food you took is making me very hungry.

  12. haha! point and shoot is still the best way to go, right? dun hafta think about white balance, aperture and all those technical stuff that distract us from our food! haha!

    and yeah, char chan tings are still not my cuppa. ;)

  13. What an impassioned discussion of CCTs! :) Thanks for tips and suggestions. Mushroom rice gets multiple mentions, I shall try that next time.

    Anonymous: thanks for asking about MIL. She was discharged yesterday and seems to be in good spirits. Hope she will recover fully. Thanks for your prayers too.

    Nic: lol yes, P&S for better meal enjoyment! the DLSR feels more like work!

  14. I somehow do not find the food very appealing, judging from your photos. I guess must try to know.

  15. I totally agree on the P&S statement. It is what's keeping me from saving up for a dslr. :)

  16. aiyo...there are too many hk cafes in spore and its difficult to differentiate which are the really good ones...

    tongshui hasnt gave mi a gd impression...

    but so many recommended pork chops in kim gary, i guess it's worth a try :))

  17. Great photos and posts. Thanks a lot for the reviews.

  18. When i somehow really don't find the food very captivating, judging in the photos. Just maybe must make an attempt to know.Singapore SEO


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