Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kawaii Treats for Kids

For Nadine's birthday last month, we assembled little goodie bags for her classmates at Rainbow Centre. Went to Yamakawa, the Japanese supermarket at Central (above Clarke Quay MRT, at Eu Tong Sen Street), where I knew I could get kawaii mini snack packs that kids love.

Kawaii mini-packs
Cheese sandwich biscuits, little senbei (rice crackers) and gummy candy. These are so delicious I don't think only kids should enjoy them! Even Ritz biscuits made in Japan taste a LOT better than local versions. S$3.50 to $4.80 per strip of 4-5 packs.

Some of the candy
They have so much candy there, many with unusual flavours. I'm not terribly in favour of giving young kids sweets but at least the kids in class are taught to brush their teeth after every meal.

How do I eat this...
Jolie and Nadine "helping" me to assemble the goodie bags.

Yamakawa Supermarket in basement of Central Shopping Centre
This is an old photo of Yamakawa Supermarket, taken when they newly opened some time ago. Brightly lit shelves stocked with a dazzling array of snacks, tidbits, candy and grocery items. They have expanded their range of goods and I hope they keep doing so! Yamakawa also supplies to other department stores and supermarkets.

The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-28b
(I hear a second outlet has opened at Tiong Bahru Plaza)


  1. not only for kids!

    many adults i know love them too!
    me included. haha...

    my colleagues in office stack these stuff too in the office.

  2. definitely NOT kids-only snacks! I til this very day, digs Mamee, Lotte biscuits, etc.;)

  3. Very kawaii snacks! I would love to have a goodie treat bag too!

    Both of them are sure having fun helping you 'pack'. lol

  4. I love Yamakawa too!

    Thanks for the post. So cute!

  5. Why Jolie looks about the same size as Nadine? :P So cute, my daughters will go crazy in that file of treats too!

  6. Oops, pile of treats actually! Pardon my typo.

  7. Oh how cute! I must go there!

  8. That store display is so eye catching.

  9. i want a goodie bag too, and here in hk, wow! there's 1 kawai snack shop in almost every corner :)

    they are dangerously tempting ;)

  10. There's also another one at Square 2 at basement, which is located at Novena.

    Do check it out for those living/working near that area.

  11. Good golly! All them sweets and candy! Wish I had this many choices when I was a kid... well, never too late to start, eh? ;)

  12. Looks like many adults also like them! Yeah, kids these days are so lucky.

    LCOM, yes, Jolie is now the same weight as Nadine, just chubbier and shorter!

  13. Kids nowadays so so so lucky! Hehe..i have been pampering my nephew with lots and lots of goodies too!

  14. LOL.. Never even realised that it has been so long since i last started frequenting your blog until i saw your kids pic! haha..

  15. Yr kids are cute!! wow, yr younger 1, bah bah, i love!

    my girl ( despite eating so much ) had never come close to having michelin tyres leh. Im sure pple will say hubby n I pinch her food after looking at us *LOL*

    oh btw, if we put my monster in btn us, our family looks like...

    0 1 0



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