Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Freecycle your stuff!

Freecycle Singapore group on Yahoo
OK, this is not about food but recycling by giving. Do you have pre-loved stuff too good to throw away but collecting dust? It could be useful to someone else. Or want something but willing to settle for secondhand? I stumbled upon Freecycle (with group in Singapore) which connects people who have stuff to give or get. It hopes to reduce waste by keeping usable stuff out of landfills. I like the concept and its noble aims, even if it's clearly prone to abuse.

I subscribed to the local group and found that people are giving away stuff as exotic as Balinese benches and ballet accoutrements, or as everyday as bicycles and books. It also pained my heart to read that someone is in need of a hospital-type bed and oxygen concentrator for an old lady with respiratory problems. There are some interesting posts, and people are supposed to list reasons for why they want stuff. This Times UK journalist observed that it gives you "unedited insight into the minds of your neighbouring humanity."

Given that the once-phenomenal Yahoo Auctions Singapore has died (retiring Oct 6), I no longer have a place to dispense usable stuff. Yeah, there's eBay but I don't like its system much. Freecycle works WAY faster than auctions too, because hey, money's not involved - and hopefully, you won't have to endure soul-wearing bargaining or endless queries.

I am looking forward to clearing some clutter and possibly earn a bit of good karma doing so!

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