Friday, April 18, 2008

Bitten by the DSLR bug...

Even though they take way way better pictures, I've been resisting the lure of DSLRs, mainly because of cost restraints. Life is getting tougher as it is. I shouldn't splurge. But more and more, I'm feeling the limitations of my little point-and-shoot Sony camera. It's served me well but there's only so much you can do with it after a while.

Yesterday I followed a friend into the John 3:16 camera shop at Funan Centre (he to buy camera, and I for a curious look). Oh the luxury of holding a DSLR and playing with it in your hands. That's like getting to third base (first being "the mere thought of a DSLR", second being "just taking a look" and the homerun of handing over your credit card). The Canon EOS 400D is now only S$1,080 with lens! And I can still use my EF lens from my old manual 500N SLR. Oooh so tempting...but am still resisting! But for how long...

Now I have to get over the other hangups...i.e. looking like a bloody tourist, lugging around a bulkier weight, and not being able to take photos discreetly.


  1. The price of DSLR now is so much lower now.

    To me, it's the inconvenience of lugging them around. Haha..

    You can consider Canon S or G series though. They are quite good, gives you some manual controls as well.

  2. buying a high end P&S is almost equivelent to getting a DSLR like 400D or Nikon D40X which is an excellent camera as well..

    as for size..u can get a really nice cam bag..that way, u will want to carry it out. :)

  3. wah excellent! now you need a standard macro lens!

    looking forward to even better pictures!

  4. wondering.. if you get it.. what will you take first? :-)

  5. i got a 400D, loving it so much!

  6. i am considering prosumer canon s5 first. dslr is too expensive! cannot afford. *pull hairs*


  7. Didally: yeah, DSLR more troublesome to carry!

    ming: haha, you're right on both counts!

    southernoise: I cannot afford more lenses!! lol

    keropokman: I'll probably take photos of Nadine and Jolie first!

    thoo2: lucky you!

    xinni: the price difference is not that much these days! :P go for it!

  8. I wanted a DSLR at first, for the same reasons. The rush of owning one and the thought of owning one is simply just too exhilarating.

    but I didn't get it, for the same reasons mentioned! Too bulky and inconvenient. When I go out shopping, i just want something to pop into my bag; unless I'm doing this big time.

    So I advice you to sit it out for awhile, wait a little while longer and weigh everything before you dive into it.

  9. Sammy, exhilirating indeed! I can't get the idea out of my mind! Actually I've been sitting out for a very long while. Even avoided all research about DSLRs just so I won't get tempted. But caved in that day to "just take a look" at the camera shop.

  10. uhmm... think of how many high quality buffets you'll be able to have with the price of the DSLR! hahaha!

    my hubby has been wanting to get one too for the longest time but i always tell him it's too heavy and he'll end up leaving it at home all the time.

  11. hey,

    we share the same thoughts! i have been comtemplating of upgrading to a DSLR for quite some time already. And you beat me to writing a post again! i wanted to write something abt wanting a dslr too. haha

    But the price.. Urgh!

    And so many people i know of go to the John 3 : 16 shop to get their dslr, must be the excellent services there!

    Hmm, i cant get DSLR out of my thoughts. How? i think i will get it, just a matter of time though. LOL! If u buy will be getting a entry level with kit lense? Nikon or canon? Ha!


  12. If tts the case then, just whack la! haha, don't think so much

  13. That is a gorgeous camera. I love it, but am a camera idiot. Hehe. I just point n shoot and even that I can't do very well.

  14. Totally understand your dilemma...I have a few frens who keep drilling the word DSLR into me but I have been resisting that 'evil' thought

  15. ya DSLRs are so tempting! i m eyeing on Canon G9!

  16. i think canon 350D, 400D or 450D are some of the best and affordable ones available..i know of a few food bloggers who use 400D..but with an additional 50mm lens...amazing photographs!

    as for me, i went for the lowest price at last year's comex and got myself a nikon d40x...very user friendly and the pictures turned out good..and i'm still using kit lens...but compatible lens for this dslr is very expensive...

  17. Eliza: indeed, the cost of a DSLR could feed me well instead, but just think - the pics would feed a lifetime of memories! Your hubby also keen? Yeah, it is heavy and bulky, but if he's a real enthusiast and doesn't mind, why not?

    Lady-i: John 3:16 is not the cheapest but you will not complain because of the fantastic service. Kit lens depends on camera brand/model. If the Canon 400D, I will upgrade the lens because I read reviews that the kit lens sucks.

    Sammy: whaaaack! hahaha! do you have one too?

    Singairishgirl: haha, but your photos are still well-loved! that's what matters!

    Keevy: DSLR, DSLR, DSLR... :P

    Jaime: the G9 is great! Have seen wonderful shots from it!

    Nic: Yeah, the 400D is the one I'm eyeing (shown above). And the Nifty Fifty (50mm) lens too. So you're using the Nikon D40X, that is a nice camera too! I asked on your blog cos I noticed your photos of late had a different aura! The magic of DSLRs!

  18. i went to John 3: 16 today but its closed!!

    i decided to get DSLR already. most likely nikon. have u buy dslr? heard from leslie u got it already?

    how much is the nifty fifty lens?


  19. Lady/Brad: I think the name John 3:16 alone is a big hint that they don't work Sundays!

    Congrats on your decision! Which model Nikon are you going for? So you're not buying ieat's 350D after all?

    Nifty fifty I dunno how much. Maybe $200-ish by now. The 60mm macro one is $730 at John 3:16 though.


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