Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yong Tau Foo from Treats

Yong tau foo soup, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Yong tau foo. Something I would rarely eat of my own volition. It just isn't that compelling, tastewise. How can it fight with char kway teow, fried Hokkien mee or chicken rice? But in recent years I'm starting to appreciate it a bit more (does old age make you more health-conscious?). I like it in soup (no noodles) and it's a plus when I discover good stock with soybeans at the bottom of my bowl. Must have items are dried seaweed and fried pig skin (guilty pleasure)!

The stall at Treats, the basement food court at Parkway Parade, features a wide array of vegetables (see entire top row lined with greens). That's in addition to the bottom row of mushrooms, wood fungus, babycorn and beansprouts. I have to keep telling myself not to take too many of the deep-fried items. My least favourite items are those stuffed with fish paste. I find them simply pallid but well, they're supposed to be the healthiest. Maybe when I'm 70, I'll start liking those.



  1. am i getting old ah? i like yong tau foo leh... LOL

    the one in NUS Arts Canteen is cheap and good. but no pig skin lah..

  2. Ahem... think I am becoming like one too! I never enjoyed yong tau foo when I was young. But now, I eat them more often when I get so sick of foodcourt food.

    Brinjal and bittergourd are my must-have when I eat yong tau foo.

  3. I like the Hakka style where minced pork is used instead of fish paste and also dry Ampang style.

    Yes all the unhealthy version! haha...

  4. K-man: haha i think you were born health-conscious! NUS Arts canteen probably have to be halal, so no piggy parts!

    Didally: yeah, me too, I get quite sick of foodcourt food these days. The greasy stuff is not worth the calories.

    Southernoise: OMG yes! lol Hakka and Ampang style I will happily eat anytime...aah, maybe I'm not that old yet! hahaha

  5. I love this yong tau fu, from the old days of PP before they made all the major renos. PP is my playground too. We might have bumped into each other from all our trips there. Hehe.


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