Monday, April 28, 2008

Feast@East Weekday Lunch Buffet

The Carvery
Buffets are such a love-hate affair. I love the "DIY Degustation, Unlimited!" manner in which you can enjoy your food, but I also cross too quickly into the oversatiation zone, thus wiping out all enjoyment gained beforehand. But it's still fun once in a while. Especially if the meal doesn't dent the wallet too much. Feast@East has a weekday lunch (about S$29++) that seems just right. We had tried the weekend version before and knew this place was all right. Mmmh, look at the carvery!

Salad and cheese platter
You can go light with salad and cheese. I was impressed they served challah (a Jewish braided loaf) amongst the artisan breads in the basket. The greens are nice - simple but very fresh.

Cold platter - prawns, salmon, mussels, jellyfish, potato salad and ngoh hiang
Regular suspects from the cold items. Prawns, salmon sashimi, mussels, jellyfish, potato salad. The ngoh hiang is a bit cold and hard but I found the taste addictive! They also had various Thai salads but I only took a bit of som tum.

Cereal prawns, five-spiced pork belly, sweet and sour fish
The hot stations featured a small but good selection of Asian and Western dishes. All my favourites above. Cereal prawns, five-spiced pork belly, sweet and sour fish! There are also noodle and oyster omelette stations, but I reckon these change daily, so may or may not be available all the time.

Cereal prawns for the taking!
Cereal prawns galore!!! Deliciously sweeet!

Scrumptious array of desserts, complete with chocolate fountain, durian mousse, Peranakan kuehs, bread and butter pudding and mini cakes/tartlets!
A fairly comprehensive array of desserts complete the offering. The de rigueur chocolate fountain, durian mousse, Peranakan kuehs, bread and butter pudding and mini cakes/tartlets/shooters are just some. There's even candy and wafers lining the pillars that you can help yourself to.

Durian pengat, decorated with strawberry and chopped pistachios
For me the piece de resistance is their durian pengat! Yummy good quality stuff! Better than some hotels in town.

Newly renovated interior
The Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel is nicely renovated, and so are its F&B outlets. Feast@East retains a cosy, casual atmosphere and the service staff are pleasantly professional. A nice place to eat and relax.

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel Level 3
50 East Coast Road
Tel: 6340-5665
Breakfast: 06.30 am - 10.30 am
Lunch: 12.00 pm - 02.30 pm
Dinner: 06.30 pm - 09.30 pm


  1. The Asian galore sounds good! I will try the next time I am back. Thanks :)

  2. Hi, Been reading your blog for weeks. Enjoy your recommendations. Been down to the Feast@East, the quality of the food such as the beef rendang and laksa and mee siam and other stuff had been quite a delight to the palate. But the Salmon needs more attention... it looks like it just throw there for the people to fight over it.. other than tt a nice meal overall today. Thanks for the tip!

  3. we would like to treat our friend buffet as a celebration of her birthday.But because we are still student so we are on a tight budget. Any idea where i can get lunch buffet for $25 per pax ? any where, any food will do !

  4. Hi read this post of yours a few months ago and decided to go for lunch on a weekend. It was extremely pricy for this hotel (equivalent to some good 5 star hotels) and sad to say that items were extremely limited and the quality is really something I would not return for. However, all 3 friends of mine swear by their durian dessert (alas I do not eat durian). To me, it didn't pass on price, environment and food quality.

  5. Hi anon, I haven't been back since April and it looks like prices have gone up, although that's true of most hotels - these days I can't afford the 5-star ones! I would suspect Feast@East is still cheaper than most 5-star places. The other day I took a peek at Oscar's Sunday brunch - it's been reduced to tiny and now costs S$85++ without alcohol!

    Sorry you didn't enjoy the experience. Your friends are right about the durian dessert though - it is SIMPLY to die for! Possibly the best thing on offer there.

    Queen of the world: I'm sorry, I must have missed your question in July. Lunch buffet for S$25 these days? That's tough - you may have to settle for the likes of Sakura. Sorry.

  6. Me again (dec 9, 2008 comment). We went to this place sometime in March 2008. I recall paying $30 something before tax for their lunch. I could have gotten a much better deal if I go to Rose Verandah for their High-Tea, with much better food, environment and price about the same. Though technically one can't compare lunch and high-tea, in this case, there's not much difference at all since Rose runs their high-tea from lunch hours. That said, a recent visit after it's renovation yielded slightly more disappointing result. But still, way better than this. If this place charges $10 cheaper it may put things in better perspective. But we may not be having the same experience. I definitely did not see any roast beef (just Asian noodles, miserable salmon, some Asian dishes and bad desserts). But for anyone who digs durians, I guess you can try here.

  7. Hi Anonymous (you can choose a regular pen name, actually), thank you for your regular updates and feedback. Yes, Feast@East increased its prices this year, but there's also a 30% discount for lunch on certain weekdays (Mon-Thu, I believe). It was about S$26 nett when I visited about a month ago. The dishes vary daily, of course, so you won't get roast beef each time. I had some BBQ ribs. Yes, their stuff is more Asian.

    Rose Verandah offerings are a bit different - less of mains, more pastry-like snacks. The highlight there is their unlimited gourmet teas. Their desserts are very good. But Feast@East's durian pengat alone takes the cake (dessertwise)!

  8. That meat looks delicious. This restaurant must be heaven for the locals. One day I will eat there too. Cazare Romania


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