Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tim Tams in my Tum

Best taken chilled, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I love Tim Tams. Kinda odd given that I am not fond of biscuits, nor do I like chocolate-flavoured things. But Tim Tams, I just can't stop at one. They're best eaten after they've been chilled in the fridge. Refreshing and extra delicious!

What's your favourite biscuit?



  1. great blog. And if you love tim tams, you should get either someone from Australia to get you some, or come down to australia and buy some! There are many varieties of tim tams here. Try the double layered milk chocolate, yummy!

    And in reference to your earlier posts, congratulations on your newborn baby.

    Looking forward to more posts from you!

    From: Singaporean living in Australia

  2. Thanks very much! Yes, have seen the enormous variety in Australia! We only have the regular and dark choc here, I think.

  3. you can always visit candy empire. i did see quite a few types of tim tams there

  4. Actually now there are a lot more varieties in cold storage. Even some of those that were previously only available in australia but i guess candy empire still has a larger selection.

    Anyway it reminded me of the TIM TAM SLAM. If you haven't already heard about it:

    Enjoy and keep blogging!

  5. I love dark tim tam for the tim tam slam :p

    Candy Empire definitely stocks more flavors. The Tim Tam Love Potion (double chocolate and raspberry) I found there is really good too.

  6. im a sucker for hello panda the strawberry flavoured ones...heh

  7. Ah thanks. I rarely visit Candy Empire as I'm not much for sweets.

    Yesterday I found four varieties of Tim Tams in NTUC, including caramel and double coat! Strangely the Cold Storage outlets near me only have 1 or 2 types. I think I still prefer dark choc best.

    Oh I like the Hello Panda stuff too. The vanilla (or is it milk) one rocks! As a kid, I liked the Collon stuff (they have all kinds of flavours in Japan).

    Tim Tam Slam? Something new for me!

  8. ah.. tim tams!
    everyone loves them!

    yes, you can get lots of varieties in Singapore, no point bringing in from Australia, they bring them all in now. Fairprice have sale sometimes so they are really cheap, so i stock them. LOL.

    in fact, i like all the Arnotts brand of biscuits! ah.. pizza shapes! those were our regular food in Aust. lol

  9. Yes, I got them on sale too! Three packs all opened, chilling in the fridge. Oh I like the Arnotts cheese biscuits too.

    Actually the Ritz biscuits from Japan (not the Made in Indonesia ones) are quite good too. Pricier but what a difference in taste!

  10. ah, i think i eaten this before but cant remember.

    i'm currently hooked onto Loackers!

  11. i love arnott's chocolate mint cookies~


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