Monday, March 10, 2008

New header

Today I installed Photoshop CS2 and did up a new header!

Thanks in part to ieat whose suggestion got me rethinking my old text header. When I first started the blog, I'd toyed around with a few graphic headers but nothing looked right. Now that I have a better sense or "flavour" of the blog, it's a lot easier. But I still need some leet Photoshop skills! Must say CS2 looks really sweeeet!


  1. could see it's very well thought of. straight to the, that is...bravo! :)

  2. Hi Camemberu! Thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

    Can I add you in my list of blog lists?

  3. nice header! I dont know how to do it... it looks complicated.

  4. Thanks, everyone! One of my friends said that the red used is too garish. Haha, but hey it's brave and bold! Something I ought to be more of!

    Paul, sure thing.

  5. Now got bit more character! Looks like a bit like 007 eh? Licenced to eat!

  6. hahaha! i'm still in the process of learning ps. lol


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