Monday, March 17, 2008

KFSeetoh Food Trail, Part One: Amoy Street Food Centre

Hubby recently had the chance to meet local food street guru K.F. Seetoh and go along on a food trail he organised. This was for a couple from the U.S. who had won a trip to Singapore. Now hubby is not a foodie but he thought the trail was interesting enough to replicate for my benefit. It's a bit different from the one Seetoh designed for Anthony Bourdain but it still covered quite a lot of ground for a two-hour tour. I'm going to break it up into three parts over the next few days, so here's part one - Amoy Street Food Centre.

Char kway teow, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

First up, literally the first stall in Amoy Street FC - char kway teow (fried rice noodles, S$2.50) from the stall with the generic name "Fried Kway Teow". A richly savoury and greasy platter, slightly more wet than most versions. It reminded me of the Apollo kway teow at Marine Parade but without the raw garlic overload. Much more palatable. Good wok hei with crunchy bean sprouts but I still prefer my kway teow a bit more dry.

Next and not surprisingly, is Seetoh and owner-chef Michael Tan are good friends. But Sgkueh's offerings are worthy of recommendation. It's my first visit but I was wowed by the signature yam paste ("or-nee"). Smooth, luxurious and rich with just the right balance of sweetness. It's been said this yam paste is too good for a hawker centre. I heartily agree! Now I don't need to go to a restaurant to get good yam paste! It's a mouthful of heaven in a little pot.

We also tried a couple of the "innovative" items from Sgkueh. The "tau suan" kueh really tastes like tau suan in solid form, although I still prefer my tau suan warm and gooey. Just that bit more comforting. The aloe vera kueh to me, tasted really funny, like jelly gone wrong, but for some unfathomable reason, hubby absolutely LOVED it. Well, more for him.

I'd heard about some disgruntled customers complaining of rude service and deteriorating quality (since they opened their main kitchen in Ubi). Nothing unpleasant so far, for me. However, I do think that a stall that so prominently touts its name as a URL should have a better and more updated website. Sgkueh is also opening an outlet at #03-18 Golden Shoe/Market Street Food Centre. No opening date stated though.

A sarabat (milk tea) stall is a must-see for first time visitors to Singapore, for a demonstration of teh tarik (pulled tea), and if possible, a hands-on experience as well. The visitors possibly tried some of the neighbouring stall's herbal drinks and desserts as well. They may also have stopped for curry puffs here.

Amoy Street Food Centre has many more gems which could not fit into the schedule (or tummy space). Apparently the couple came back the very next day to sample more things!



  1. YUMMY! i love the ya paste shot! looks so delicious~ :D i am so going down there to buy some! :P Thanks once again for the reviews!


  2. i tried the char kwey tiao before! hahaha! it always had quite a long Q.

  3. this char kuey teow shop, i used to eat it a lot! haha.. on thursdays!

    i only ask for 'only kuey teow' fried kuey teow. :-)

  4. hee~ i made a trip down today with my mum! and yes!! i <3 the yam paste! ^^ we tried the onde onde too~ yummy! is it me or are their kueh portion kind of small? O.o i felt that the size of the kueh were too thinly sliced~ =X or maybe i had too much bengawan solo and was deceived by the portion size! :P



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