Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Empress Place Beef Kway Teow

Mixed beef bowl, soup, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Hmmm. It's always disappointing when what you get served is different from what you read/see in reviews. This mixed beef bowl came at S$5 but had so few ingredients. I had to use the chopsticks to prop up the contents of the bowl. Otherwise, all I could photograph would be floating bean sprouts.

Well OK, perhaps the portion could be forgiven if the taste was mind-blowing. While the soup certainly was very sweet, it lacked that beefy oomph I was looking for. I'll give them at most a second chance, and try the dry version instead. Oh and don't bother coming early. At 11.30am, I still had to wait at least 10 mins for them to "heat up" their soup.

936 East Coast Road
LTN Eating House



  1. I tried this place once too and didn't leave too impressed. In fact, to be honest, I didn't even plan a return trip.

  2. it really depends on who's cooking. David the boss whips up a fantastic bowl of beef kway teow.. Can't say the same for the auntie assistant or the other young chap.

    Do try the popiah though, it's really good!


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