Monday, September 24, 2007

Mo-Mo Paradise

After exploring the Ishibashi store at the BEAM Building in Shibuya, I saw that Mo-Mo Paradise was just upstairs! Ah, shabu-shabu - personally something I have never tried, as have found it too close to Chinese steamboat in the past (not a big fan of that either). But perhaps it's different in Japan.

Fortunately, the English menus are clear and informative. You have a choice of shabu-shabu broth, sukiyaki or a kimchi pot. If you have a larger group, you can opt for two types. They will serve beef or pork (add a small surcharge if you want both) with vegetables.

We had beef sirloin and Kaburagi pork sliced extremely thin that cook in a mere matter of seconds. Dip these in either of two sauces - gomadare (sesame) or ponzu (citrusy soy vinegar). You cook the vegetables last of all, after the broth has been flavoured with all the protein sweetness from the meat.

Mo-Mo Paradise (or Mo-Para for short) is a chain with nine branches in Tokyo. Again, as with most tabehodai (all-you-can-eat) places, it's immensely popular with students and 20-somethings with large appetites. I hear lunch deals are even more affordable at ¥1000 or less!

Address of Shibuya branch
Udagawacho 31-2, Shibuya Beam 6F.
Open 11:30am-2:30, 5:00-10:30pm daily.



  1. seems like a great trip,with lots of tips to share :)
    eh...hope still in time,u can buy the famous tokyo banana at narita airport. a must try!

  2. Ah I'm actually back already. Didn't see any Tokyo Banana at the airport though. Must look out for it next time!

  3. yeah,its a must try to me.hee,sorry for the late notice.its 1 of the best snack i ever tried

  4. Hi, your blog is fantastic, still looking at it, so much info I can get here. BTW, I'm temp work in Japan, wish to look for nice food in Tokyo and Osaka, do you have any recommendation? Noted of Mo-Para, will try it next week.

  5. Thank you 水瓶鱼 - you can take a look at my other Japan entries - they're mainly of Tokyo and Osaka. There's so much good food in Japan, it's hard to cover them all! Mo-Para is actually more value-for-money than truly gastronomic.

  6. Hi me again (from comment of 'Feast@East'. prob should address myself as 'me again for identification, haha). How coincidental. During my last trip to tokyo I had a wonderfully value-for-money lunch at Mo-Mo Para too (also the shibuya branch). It's great and you can never find such quality at such prices in Singapore. Too bad I arrived near closing time and can't have too many rounds of those yummy beef.

  7. Hi "me again" (lol you should really settle on a permanent nick or pen name). Glad to know you liked Mo-Mo Para too.


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