Thursday, September 6, 2007

合 利 Nasi Lemak & Economy Fried Beehoon

I love greasy noodles. Sometimes to assuage the guilt of eating such a sinful dish, I pair it with vegetables instead of more greasy fried toppings. But then again, the vegetables are wont to be just as greasy.

This stall is known for its nasi lemak sets for S$2. The sambal chili is rather sweet and not overly spicy. I've never tried the nasi lemak though, only the noodles (which are flavourful and garlicky - yum!).

Interestingly, the two ladies manning the stall who are normally very efficient, took their time asking me about my pregnancy. "See! I told you it's a second pregnancy!" one exclaimed to the other. Hmm, I didn't know you could tell such things from outward appearances (is my tummy flashing a number?), and that hawkers could be keen on such types of speculation.

Anyway, there's usually a queue here at mealtimes, so it's best to come before or after peak hours. Yeah, I'd rather eat here than at that over-rated Xing Long Cooked Food.

#01-158 Marine Parade Central Food Centre



  1. hi,been reading ur blog. very nice and detailed reviews. :) btw,just wana mentioned something bout this "合 利 Nasi Lemak " Those with $2 set are actually branches only,the main stall which i supported since young is in Yishun,Chong pang city.their chicken wing is a must try too!

  2. hahah i agree that xing long is over-rated! hmm, if you want oily noodles with lots of vegetables, you can try the vegetarian stall next to the fish beehoon stall as well. it's called su man yuan i think. =)

  3. Thanks, Steven, happy to have you as a reader! Ah...I didn't know that this nasi lemak stall is a branch of the Yishun one.

    Hi Wenxiu, I checked out that Su Man Yuan vegetarian stall today but it was late afternoon, so they didn't have much left. Must visit them again in the mornings!


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