Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sept 16-25: Tokyo-Kyoto-Hiroshima-Osaka

Woohoo! The trip we've been waiting for ALL YEAR! Tonight (or rather, in the wee hours of the morning) we are headed to the airport for an early flight to Japan. Me, hubby, baby Nadine and little unborn Jolie (yes, it's a girl!).

This is my fourth trip to Tokyo but for the first time, we'll be headed out to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Himeji and Osaka!

I'm hoping to blog as I go, but *fingers crossed*...hope Internet connectivity (and energy levels) can keep up!

Some places I am dying to try - Tsunahachi, Kyushu Jyangara Ramen, Unasho, A Tes Souhaits and Midori Sushi!

This is probably also the last holiday I'll ever have for a long time to come. After Jolie pops out, I'll have both hands full for a while!


  1. woo.. tokyo!! i never been to Japan before, hopefully i'll get to go. Take lots of pictures and post on your blog!

    I'm going to Taiwan tomorrow!! wahaha! Gonna take lots of photos on the food and scenaries there : )

  2. oh.. you must take a good picture of the Kyushu Jyangara Ramen and post it here!

    Have a nice and safe trip!

  3. tsunahachi is pretty awesome, especially their extremely value for money lunch sets.. dont miss out!

    if you've got time for kushiyaki, try gan-chan at roppongi. it's to die for.

  4. Thanks, y'all! I shall do my best to take pictures! Enjoy Taiwan, ladyironchef! I have never been there! lol

  5. Will do! Lets enjoy the best out of it, and takes lots of pictures to share. hahaha : )


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