Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Legs Brand "Pe Pa Kao" WORKS!

I've had this nagging cough for two months which wouldn't go away even with antibiotics. Earlier this week it flared up again complete with a really bad throat and stuffed nose. I couldn't even smell or taste sambal belachan! I have not been this sick for ages.

Finally out of desperation, I remembered this Pe Pa Kao which had been given to me a year ago. Well, I always think of Chinese medication as gentle and slow-acting, so I didn't expect much. But it says no side effects, and hey, it kinda tastes nice.

Wow, this cleared things up for me right away! Took it last night, and this morning, I can breathe again. Tickly cough gone, and throat is very grateful. Why didn't I take this earlier?

I know a lot of people are/have been sick recently (blasted weather). So I don't know if this will help. It says it contains loquat, pear, honey and extracts of 15 Chinese herbs to relieve cough, sore throat and reduce phlegm. Good for sore throats due to excessive drinking (not me), smoking (not me) and lack of sleep (oh yes, me).

UPDATE: Well, after taking it for a couple days, I have to say it is very good at quelling symptoms. But sadly, of course, it does not get rid of the main condition. Still, relief is nothing to be sneezed at.

The Three Legs brand is quite an established name. It's from the Wen Ken group, which has been producing health drinks and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) products since 1937.

Before consuming, please consult a doctor if you are pregnant, lactating or want to give this to a child younger than three years.


  1. This is very similar to the 'Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa' ('mother & son' brand). In terms of taste & content. I think what helped could be the honey inside the mixture.

  2. Bayya: yes, similar. But Nin Jiom didn't do anything for me when I took it many years ago, so I wasn't too confident that this one would. Well, maybe it's a different throat/cough condition. I don't know why but honey has never helped me either, although I bet there is lots of it in the mixture!

    Loveforfood: you're welcome!

  3. Hey, yes! haha, I have this at home too. It will work even better if you remember to take it when you think you're soooo going to get a sore throat/cough.

    Just one dose will help to prevent that great cough.


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