Wednesday, December 14, 2011

AFC Great Dinners of the World

Man, this nasty flu/cough has really messed up my sense of time. I missed last night's premiere of "Great Dinners of the World", an original new series on the Asian Food Channel.

This cooking travelogue features rising stars of the Asian culinary scene Sho Naganuma (see his masterclass here where he demonstrates an insanely delicious truffle chawan mushi), Malcolm Goh, Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua. See them visiting picturesque chateaus, breweries and castles in old world France and Scotland. They'll be pushed out of their comfort zones, and they will cook up their signature Asian dishes to unsuspecting European guests of honour.

Next episode? Haggis!

Well I missed the opening. But the great thing about cable? You can always catch repeats.

6:00 pm Thursday, December 15
10:00 pm Thursday, December 15
02:00 am Friday, December 16
6:00 pm Friday, December 16



  1. They are promoting this heavily too in Malaysia. Will watch this!

  2. Yeah, I think some of the chefs are Malaysian too. I don't really know them, but Sho alone is worth watching! :)

  3. Amazing amazing show seen two eps so far very MTV feel to it.


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