Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy birthday, Jolie! You're 4 now!

Happy birthday, Jolie! You're four!

Happy birthday, Jolie! You can now say you are four years old.

She is growing up really fast. I will miss the time when she was more of a toddler, but she continues to charm us with surprises as she develops.

Is it my birthday?

She loves birthdays. She kept asking if her cake would be strawberry. "Strawberry's yummy!"

We had a uniQgift pack for Divine Desserts, and she pointed to the only strawberry shortcake from the booklet containing options from some 15 vendors. We called up to reserve the cake (from Tampopo Deli) a couple days in advance, and picked it up today.

I do like uniQgift's nice packaging and the way it lets your gift recipient choose they want. They have various lifestyle themes like food, wine, adventure, spa and even workshops. When you're unsure which exact gift will please, this is something that will take the headache of choosing out of your hands.

Oh, and I discovered, the end gift might even be worth more than the price of the uniQgift voucher. The Divine Desserts costs S$38, but the cake that we got retails at S$52 if you want to buy it yourself!

Jolie's pose takes the cake!
And this is the cake! For once, the actual item looks better (and bigger) than the one in the product shot.

Ravaging the birthday cake
There is a lot of cream on this thing. Not that we're complaining. The kids love digging into it. The cream is very light, almost like dense foam.

Strawberry shortcake from Tampopo Deli
So all of us enjoyed the birthday ritual. We usually get our strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves nearby (that's got more cream in the middle than on the outside, and the vanilla sponge is more moist, but Tampopo's cream seems lighter), so it's nice to try something else once in a while.

I love her lashes
Yes, birthday girl, what will you be dreaming of for next year?



  1. Happy birthday to her! She looks so cute!

  2. Happy Birthday Jolie!!

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet darling! Big girl now, ja? :D

  4. Thank you, Katarina, TTC and Kenny! Yes, she's getting big...soon to be my foodie assistant.

  5. Happy birthday, Jolie! Such a pretty girl! Wah, time really flies.

  6. She sure is a big girl now!
    A cheerful and happy birthday :-)

  7. your girls are incredibly sweet, as always!

  8. Happy Birthday Jolie!!! She's so cute!

  9. so cute little Jolie ! Happy Birthday

  10. oh wow! She is so pretty! :)

    Happy BdaE!

  11. Thanks, everyone, for the lovely birthday wishes!


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