Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bosch Cook-off Competition at ToTT

Seven contestants at ToTT Cooking Studio vying for the Bosch top prize
Over the weekend, I had the privilege of witnessing the Bosch cook-off competition as a judge, along with Christopher Tan, and some trade representatives. It was held at the ToTT Cooking Studio.

Bosch invited customers who bought the series of MUM 8 and 5 Kitchen Machines and MCM 4 Food Processors to submit dessert recipes. Those chosen would get not only their purchase refunded, but also the chance to compete for a grand prize. Seven contestants were picked to demonstrate their recipes from scratch.

Bosch Classic Edition Refrigerator worth S$2,299.
The winner of the cook-off would be the proud owner of this Bosch Classic Edition Refrigerator worth S$2,299. Sexy cool retro chic!

It was fun watching the desserts take shape, and the baking aroma is can drive one crazy. The atmosphere was buzzing. Everyone was so focused, they looked like professionals at work. Here they are in action (sorry if I mix up any names or recipes; I'm going purely by memory here).

Karen using her MUM5 to make Hokkaido sweet potato steamed cake
Karen's creation was something quite unusual - Hokkaido sweet potato steamed cake- the only steamed cake out of all the entries.

Fahizal working on the crust of the chocolate tart
Fahizal was the only guy among the ladies. He says his wife is actually the real culinary whiz, but was too shy to enter, so she asked him to join instead.

Jane using her Bosch MUM8 for orange chocolate muffins
Jane says this is her first time entering such a contest.

I love the pattern created as the whisk goes round
I love watching the machines. They look great and are very compact. And I love the glowing red ring around the mixer's operation knob. It's so Sith!

Elizabeth with her Sop with Jack Mousse Cake
Elizabeth with her Sop with Jack Mousse Cake. She used soursop and two kinds of jackfruit for this. And lots of cream. She bakes birthday cakes every month for friends, so she's very experienced.

This is the peachy cheese cake
Florence made a (very) peachy cheesecake. Don't you want a slice?

Susan with her banana cake
Susan with her banana cake. She was the first to complete her recipe.

Although simple, the banana cake was one of the best-tasting items
Although simple, the banana cake was one of the most delicious entries. Perfectly balanced taste and aroma, with just the right sweetness. The cake was moist, soft and fluffy, with an ultra-fine gently crisp crust.

Orange Chocolate Muffins
Jane's Orange Chocolate Muffins made a nice Christmas "tree".

Banana Cake with Cheese Topping
Diane's Banana Cake with Cheese Topping made an unusual combination.

Hokkaido Sweet Potato Steamed Cake
Karen's Hokkaido Sweet Potato Steamed Cake was so pretty. You can see the strips of purple satsuma-imo (sweet potato) in the cake that's topped by lots of cream cheese frosting.

The winning creation - Chocolate and Raisin My Favourite Tart
And here is the winning creation - Chocolate and Raisin My Favourite Tart by Fahizal. Doesn't it just look scrumptious? He used Valrhona chocolate and real vanilla beans. It was so decadent, it blew us away.

Fahizal and his family
Fahizal and his lovely family. The chocolate-raisin tart was inspired by his daughter who kept saying "Chocolate is my favourite, and raisin is my favourite!"

Irene Jansen with Bosch bigwig and the winner of the contest Fahizal
Host and judge Irene Jansen with Mr Gary Ong, Director of Consumer Products in Asia for Bosch, and Fahizal. Irene also sang a song about hot chocolate at the end, with the audience joining in.

The recipes will be compiled into a Bosch recipe book that will be available next year.

What a day to remember, for the contestants!
That was a really amazing contest. I'd be putting that fridge in the living room, if I had one!

Well, keep an eye out for other Bosch promotions. I'll let you know if I hear of more interesting stuff.


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  1. Any recipe to share for the winning pie?



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