Thursday, December 8, 2011

AKG Quincy Jones Q460 - Comfy and Cool

The Quincy Jones Q460 headphones
Who shall reign supreme on the commute?

We test the AKG Quincy Jones Q460 headphones. Which is giving out to three lucky winners in the special voting contest! Yeah, that's me there in my yellow Scoot shirt. Do take a look at what the bloggers have written and vote your favourite. Some of them are very enlightening.

So anyway, we continue with the AKG headphone reviews. I thought the Q460 were really comfy with good sound, great for home use. I let hubby test them on the road. Here's what he had to say:

Very comfortable from the get go. The sponge gave a nice seal, while letting in some external sound. The ever-useful remote also makes a big difference, although for some unfortunate reason, it kept snagging on my shirt collar. Nonetheless, I quite enjoyed standing out from the Dr Dre Beats-toting crowd with this pair of Quincys and its signature lime green cord.

The Quincy Jones Q460 headphones

The light seal over the ears meant that some ambient noise from my surroundings got in, making it a bit harder to hear quieter tracks on a train going over an intersection, or on a noisy bus - often the case on my daily journeys.

Comfort - these phones wear oh so well, like they are barely there. Right cord length, and the 'phones fold up into a neat, compact package for storage on the go. But really, my biggest like was the....

Creamy, buttery bass that cuts through, and quite frankly, the best bass sound of all three AKG models I tested on this shootout. I really put this one through its low end paces, using my favourite reference tracks from the dark slinky funk of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know", to Flea on "Aeroplane", the Roots "Wake Up Everybody", even to bass-heavy rock tracks by Japanese bands, such as "Melissa" by Porno Graffitti. This Quincy delivered in spades in the low frequencies, and made this bassman very happy with its rich sound.

Where the Q460 came up a little short was, I felt, on quieter, more subtle tracks which could not compete with the invasion of environmental noise around me. Also, I felt it lacked the detail and clarity of the Q350 in-ear phones. I might add that the Q460's tendency to let sound in works both ways as it can be audible to those around you, especially on louder tracks, with a noticeable bleed. If, like me, you prefer to listen to your music without "sharing" it with other passengers around you, who may not enjoy another round of Dokken, Tesla or Motley Crue, then this could be a problem. Of course, you could hit the lower volume button on the remote, but then again, that would run counter to the spirit of 80s Big Hair Metal, no?

On balance, this is another great set from AKG, worthy of its famous namesake, with a rich sound, good looks and easy wearing.

The Quincy Jones Q460 headphones

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