Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Can Has Light Saber Chopsticks!

Look what we got our hands on!
Oh look what we got our hands on! ライトセーバ チョップスティック!! Light saber chopsticks! They're here at last!

I blogged about these when they were first announced in Japan. We got these (S$19.90) from Gramophone (Parkway branch) which has a pretty good selection of movie-related toys and trinkets.

Luke and Vader light saber chopsticks
Blue ones are Luke Skywalker sabers, and red ones are Darth Vader's - I love the red "glow" (there's no bulb, just the effect of light going through the plastic). We did not get the green Yoda ones (they are cutely extra short too). Apparently hubby is not a fan of the little green sage.

New addition to the Star Wars collection!
Now to keep pristine or to eat with them? I suppose Yoda would say, "Use them, you must!"

And yes I know, we have rather many Wookiees at home...



  1. What a great gift for my Star Wars fan friend!

  2. I want Mace Windu's purple lightsabers!

  3. Oh wow! Love the chopsticks! Definitely have to pop down and check out the Yoda one!

  4. So geeky and cool! The inner Star Wars fan in me want some too! :P

  5. ive got them in the 1st quarter of the year aft u recommended them!! got the green ones and the red ones coz they were offered for pre-order in the box!!
    (sorry for the poor quality pics courtesy of my 3gs)

  6. Erlangga Tri PutraJuly 6, 2010 at 1:00 AM

    where to buy them in Singapore??

  7. This is very funny. Star Wars chopsticks :)). Everything for the kid to be happy. Use them!


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