Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Light Saber Chopsticks!

Light Saber Chopsticks!
For hardcore Star Wars fans - your meals will never be the same again! Light saber chopsticks! Choose from red (Darth Vader), blue (Luke Skywalker) or green (Yoda) sabers. How cool (or geeky?) is that! I'm getting mine!

From Japanstarwars.com - site is in Japanese though.

Young padawans in training
For the young padawans: saber skills first, chopstick skills later...


  1. That is so cool! I want some! The fact that they can glow is even better - that would make learning to use chopsticks so fun for kids (and of course, adults too!)

  2. oww I like both, the small one and also the big want, both just awesome! the color looked so impressive too! cool!

  3. It's good for teaching kids to use chopstick. My kids sure pester me to get it & will always use it in whatever food they are eating hehe....Such a way to make money

  4. I jus preordered mine!!!!! Wahaha~
    still a long way before it's being released in November. So proli it will serve as a Christmas present I guess but it's way so cool and I believe it's gonna worth the wait! :)

  5. Katie: Yeah, it'd be so fun learning to use chopsticks with these!

    BBO: haha the purple one is a special Mace Windoo saber. Samuel L Jackson requested his own unique light saber colour!

    Mun: if your kids will use it, then it's money well spent!

    Joshua: lol yes have to wait til Nov!


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