Monday, July 19, 2010

Fantastic Brownies from BakedAndEaten.Com!

Brownies (front to back): Chocolate walnut, dark chocolate cranberry, and swirled cheese
These are some of the most delicious brownies my family and I have tasted. Hubby pronounced these the best brownies he's ever had in Singapore. Beautifully dense, rich and chocolatey. They are from - a one-girl bakery run by Charmaine who handmakes brownies using the best ingredients she can get. Chocolate from France and Belgium, premium french butter, unbleached flour, sugar, gourmet cocoa powder and fresh eggs. Very simply, she believes good ingredients make brownies taste better.

Charmaine sent me a batch of brownies for me to try and give some feedback. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first as I'd never heard of this outfit before. But boy, I am glad I gave it a go!

She has three flavours - chocolate walnut, dark chocolate cranberry and swirled cheese. All of them are great in their own way. My favourite is the cranberry one. It's got that beautiful tinge of bitterness from dark chocolate that marries the sweetness well. And a lot of cranberries inside. I like that the brownies are not toothachingly sweet either.

Delishus brownies handmade from premium french butter, unbleached flour, sugar, gourmet cocoa powder and fresh eggs
The brownies come in a simple clear plastic case like this. A box of eight pieces costs S$20, and a single piece costs S$3. The portions are kept smaller, so you don't get too satiated or jelak (they ARE seriously very rich). I think they make excellent gifts for friends who love sweet treats.

Charmaine makes these brownies in a halal-certified kitchen called Whisk and Fold. So Muslim customers can enjoy these brownies too. She makes a limited number each week, usually on Monday or Tuesday, so get your orders to her by Sunday, and you'll be able to enjoy brownies by midweek. More ordering and delivery details here. You can contact Charmaine via email or phone (tel: +65 9781 4169).

Oh, and the brownies are best eaten warm, but personally I prefer them cold, straight out of the fridge! Yummy!

Mobile: +65 9781 4169


  1. Oh my...this are so lovely... My boy and I are fan of brownies :p

  2. WOW! Makes my mouth water. I like brownies too especially dark chocolate. And the 'not toothachingly sweet' suits me perfectly. ;D

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