Monday, August 18, 2008

Leng Heng Seafood BBQ's Sambal Stingray

Leng Heng Seafood BBQ is quite the name at the East Coast Lagoon hawker centre. It's been around since 1972, and has earned the title of Makansutra Legend on top of that. This is my first time trying them though. Opted for a sambal stingray, which came looking more steamed than BBQ'd. The sambal sauce is quite potent - spicy bite with a complex sweetness. The spicy-tangy cincaluk dipping sauce is also on the sweet side, and would have been better with a more sour edge. Everything was also a bit oily. Still, you can't help but polish off every bit of the stingray. I enjoyed scraping the tender flesh off the cartilage, even as I guiltily fended off images of stingrays seen on old scuba-diving trips.

Sambal stingray, comes topped with sliced okra and onions
The small portion (S$10) is indeed quite small, just enough for one person or as tasting portions for two. I didn't really care for the sliced okra garnish but the raw shallot slices added a piquant hit.

Leng Heng Seafood BBQ
They are also famous for their "kiam chye ark" or salted vegetable duck claypot soup. I'm not eager to try that as I'm not fond of duck and didn't find appetising the pre-filled claypots of duck pieces and ingredients, stacked messily outside the stall. But they offer 100 or so other dishes if you are keen on something else.

Stall no.6, East Coast Lagoon Food Centre
1220 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 468960
Tel: 64450513
Open Fri-Wed 2pm-1am



  1. oooh ... grilled stingrays!
    sour, spicy goodness. I can polish a few in no time! :)

  2. ohmygosh, i miss this! i wonder where to find this in hong kong..sob sob

  3. I'm always glad to see people enjoying cincaluk too! Me a Malaccan, you see. :D

  4. Your photography is Outstanding! Well Done! I especially liked the top stingray shot and the chicken wings shot. The sharpness is incredible. You must have very steady hands! Crae to share some post processing secret? eg tweak saturation, sharpness ..etc? In Picassa? or?

    Dare I say it, but your photos are surpassing those of ieatishoot fame!

    Keep up the good work!

    Perth, Aust.

  5. Your photos are making me crave for sambal stingray! And I haven't had it for quite some time.

  6. Hello,
    I like your pictures!
    That looks Yum!!!

  7. Oh I wish I can get some sambal stingray where I'm at right now. I don't even think I saw stingray at the asian supermarket hereabouts. I should give that stall a try next time I'm in town.

  8. I miss that! And the 100 over claypots stacked doesnt sound too hygienic! LOL

  9. eek! do i spot ladyfingers there? they shd not be on top of that stingray. i like the fact that this has onions on top.

  10. I'm also craving sambal stingray after looking at your photos!

  11. Thanks, everyone! :)

    Mocha: I say, HK needs more spicy food!

    Kenny: oh budak Melaka! hehe, yeah, not everyone appreciates cincaluk but it is so shiok with lime and chili!

    Anonymous from Perth: such dazzling praise! I'd humbly attribute the sharpness to the in-lens Image Stabiliser - my own hands are not that steady - am still learning how to handle the DSLR. Yes, I do use Picasa to organise photos, and fine-tune stuff like contrast and white-balance (which I'm quite hopeless at setting on the camera). Don't really fancy the colour saturation feature though - makes things look unnaturally garish.

    Bentoist: ah, there are many, many stalls in Singapore offering this dish, so you should be able to sample some, even if you're not near this joint.

    Daphne: ah I'm sorry, I didn't mean 100 over claypots stacked, just that they offer over 100 other dishes. Have reworded passage for better clarity!

    ah Teo: oh yes, ladyfingers (or okra, as mentioned above) - I thought they didn't belong, especially raw ones. But they didn't taste as bad as I feared they would.

  12. nice, i love BBQ stingrays, just had one a while ago too.

  13. holy smokes! that looks like one amazing stingray. thanks for posting i shall go check it out now that i'm in the country. awesome stuff.

  14. PLEASE TRY the chilli crab and the buns!! IT'S FREAKING Finger-Licking GOOD... yummy slurp slurp. and it's cheap, $38 for 2crabs, $5 for the plate of buns.



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