Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Someone kindly asked about MIL's health, given the recent hospitalisations. Hubby's sister and brother flew in from Seattle and Sydney respectively to see her. She was finally discharged today after a lengthy 11-day stay. The good news is, she seems to be in good spirits and is glad to be home. However, she is STILL refusing to eat or drink much. Her weight is 35kg and dropping.

I look at this food blog and think it's so ironic that someone in my household is slowly perishing from malnutrition.


  1. how old is she & how's her condition?

    try giving her flavoured milk, yogurt and porridge based food, and her favourite stuff twice a week. that helped for my mom when she came out of hospital.


  2. That is so very sad. Take good care of her and let her eat what she fancies. Has she no appetite or does she dislike the food served?

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL's condition. Try to keep her mind occupied on positive thoughts, hopefully her appetite will increase when she's in a more cheerful mood.

  4. Thanks, guys. The good news is - she seems to be eating more now and gaining strength. Fingers crossed. Hope this continues.

    Bee: She's 81. And yes, she was already on those foods even before going into the hospital. Just that she ate TOO LITTLE of it!

    SIG: yeah, it's mostly appetite-related, and a dry throat (from not drinking enough).

    Aroma: you are absolutely right, a lot of it has to do with the mood and attitude!

  5. Don't know if this helps but my mom who is 86, on those nutrient drinks and also has not much appetite. But I noticed that my mom would eat a bit more when I bring her out say for dim sum or food she likes. Somehow homecooked food, however healthy and probably suit her diet, is a little turn off for her at this moment in time (she has been in and out of hospital thrice since this year). While I know you may think eating out is not good for her but I rather that she eats a little than none at all. With the meagre amount my mom eats, all those so-call unhealthy food will not be enough to jeopardise her health. If she is not well enough to go out, I would ta pao for her.

    For one person who used to have high cholesterol but has since drop to within normal level due to her weight loss from lack of food. Hence my stand is rather that she eats unhealthy food, albeit small amount, than to watch her wasted away if she doesn't eat.

    My heart goes out to you as you had to juggle with an ailing elderly as well as your two kids who need a lot of attention. From your previous blogs, I can tell that you do take care of your mom-in-law. May God bless you.


  6. Hi LS, totally agree with you - some food is better than none, even if it's unhealthy food!

    Right now we also try giving her anything she fancies, even if it's something she should avoid as a diabetic/heart patient. She needs the strength from food to fight the current infection.

    My MIL is also on the nutrient drinks although she can't even finish one serving a day!

    Thanks for sharing this.


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