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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Haron Satay

The East Coast Lagoon hawker centre might as well be called Satay Village, because it's a mini-hub of satay stalls. A dozen or so, all trying hard to snare patrons with warm smiles and friendly calls. Hmmm, a sweet dilemma. Which one do you try?

Satay sizzling over hot coals
I have had advice from some who have gone around trying and testing. "The one next to the (only) ayam penyet stall" they say has the most tender and tasty meat. In our experience, that's true on some days, less so on others. But they do a really good job marinating, because these skewered BBQ meats are good enough to eat on their own, without any dipping sauces.

Beef, chicken, mutton and tripe (babat, below)
We packed home some satay for MIL, whose appetite has remarkably improved in the last few days. I snuck a few sticks of babat (tripe), for myself - never had tripe as satay til now. Surprisingly, it was the most tender of all the meats. Soft, yielding and heavily spiced, yet without any offensive scent so common with organ meat. I must have more next time!

Haron Satay is Stall no.55
Looks like they sell chicken wings too, with a price list for bulk orders. In fact, someone yesterday just left a comment recommending their chicken wings. Ah, more things to try next time.

Stall no.55, East Coast Lagoon Food Centre



  1. That's actually a nice combination, if a lil greasy: satay + chicken wings... :D

  2. My tummy's growling looking at this just before dinner. Great to hear mil is eating again.

  3. first time here..great shots of those satays..i need my fix now :D

  4. Dammnit!!! You're really torturing me with this. Satay is like my childhood favorite and I didn't even get a chance to get some when I was in transit in Singapore back in June. Argh!!!! =(

  5. hahaha! i went then din know which stall to order from, in the end anyhow choose one. lol

  6. you finally tried satay babat (tripe)!

    Nice rite? My family never fail to order that, no matter which satay stall we patronise.

    I've never tried satay from this stall. Only their wings. Gotta try that next.

  7. Great post, and pictures are very nicely taken. I'll look out for this stall the next time I'm in town.

  8. I can't resist any tripe dishes, and the tripe satay looks so YUMMY. I'll definitely check this stall out on my next trip back to SG!

  9. WOW. I would love a tasting of all!

  10. have never been. wow, i should really check it out some time.

  11. east coast? of singapore or of malaysia? oh, singapore. looks good hor. oh, i lurve blue cheese too. (came here from keropok man's blog, coz u said u love blue cheese, and there are precious few ppl that do! almost makes those who do, immediate pals!)

  12. methinks me's been missing out - grilled tripes? now that's right up my alley!!! very nice shots of the satay btw! :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Haron's has always been my choice at ECP! Heads up!


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