Friday, June 13, 2008

Tastespotting GONE!

OMG, I'm crushed! No more daily drools at! The site's been taken down due to "legal complications". What a pity! I discovered so many fine food blogs, photos, ideas and recipes there. It embodied so fine a spirit of sharing. Sigh, I only knew it for a scant 3-4 months and yet it's made such an impact - feels like I've known it forever, and now I will feel its absence markedly. Damn whoever complained.


  1. OMG, now that u mentioned it..

    One less website to go to now. I always drop by daily for my dose of deliriously enticing food pics & recipes.

    Stumbled into tastespotting when I was searching for architectural stuff on google. I dunno what that food blog has anything to do with architecture. Oh well.... *sob*

  2. Sad - that was a pretty good site. Do you know the story behind the whole thing? I sure hope it wasn't the fact that people were taking photos of food in restaurants... cos that's what most food bloggers do!

  3. yar! imagine my surprise and sadness! really wonder whats going on about the whole thing....

  4. sighs.... i love that site! it was where I found out all about purple beet pickled eggs!


  5. Ah *sob* too. Dunno what's behind the "legal complications". Probably some photos (possibly commercial ones) were uploaded by others and not properly credited, then the original owners filed suit or warnings. That's just my speculation. People were free to upload any photos they liked.

  6. Most probably they got a 'Cease and desist' letter.

    Hey, don't you dare close down!

  7. Im sad to!!! I keep checking back hoping it will not be so!!!

  8. GUESS WHAT...An homage to tastespotting has begun:

  9. Ah, BIG thank you, anon! Salvation is in sight!

    K-man: haha, don't you dare do the same for Singapura Daily Makan Photo. DAILY ok! :D


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