Monday, June 16, 2008

Lagoon Carrot Cake and Popiah

Black fried carrot cake
This was nice. I quite enjoyed it although my preference is for white carrot cake. Tasty fried carrot cake needs a lot of garlic and chye poh (preserved turnip). And the steamed radish cake pieces should have the scent of radish. Some places just give you stuff made mostly from rice flour, which makes it almost inedible.

The popiah (S$1.80 each, S$3.50 for two) is a bit on the pricey side but is really fat and huge. Tastewise all right, but nothing to shout about. Forgot to ask them to omit the garlic. I don't like the stale, often factory-minced garlic that most popiah stalls use. Not only do they taste foul, they also give you the most stubborn dragon breath.

Stall 40 - Lagoon Carrot Cake
Look for the faded signboard.

Stall no. 40
East Coast Lagoon Food Centre/East Coast Park Village
1220 East Coast Parkway


  1. A faded signboard is a good indicator, no? That the shop's been around long enough that it must serve decent fare for it to survive or prosper, even. :)

  2. Yes, generally so. However, this food centre was just renovated five years ago. Maybe it's just a cheap signboard. Not colorfast. Hehe.

  3. The carrot cake looks great! I would have that for breakfast, thank you. :)

  4. I prefer "black" carrot cake but have not found a good one in the Eastern part of SG. Thanks for your recommendation.

  5. lol . The sign-board is faded because it was re-renovated about 5 years ago . However , this stall was opened since 30 years ago at somewhere far away ! :D

  6. 太好吃了!有机会大家一定要去,不吃不知道一吃绝对忘不了!


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