Thursday, June 19, 2008

Delightful Cheng Tng

Cold cheng tng with unusual ingredients
Cheng tng is such a common Chinese dessert and yet most of the versions sold are quite nondescript. I was pleasantly surprised to find unusual ingredients in this little bowl. Slices of dried persimmon, candied winter melon strips, honeyed sweet potato and the bonus of ginkgo nuts. Also, oddly, green beans. Oh I also really appreciated the fact that those large tapioca pearls were still "al dente", and not overcooked, soft, mushy balls of flour.

Stall 41 - Hot and Cold Cheng Tng
Stall no. 41
East Coast Lagoon Food Centre/East Coast Park Village
1220 East Coast Parkway


  1. Oh this one i like!! Especially after a cycling or skating session at east coast. I know there is one stall we prefer, think this is the one. Before renovation, they used to serve their cheng tng with metal spoons, makes eating it extra cooling. But now no more, only plastic spoon. :(

    Many cheng tng these days are just flooded with barley and longans. Don't have dried persimmons and sweet potatoes.

  2. A long time ago, when I was living in Singapore, I used to get cheng tng like that from Bedok Corner. Not sure if that same stall holder is there but might be worth checking out sometime :)

    BTW been reading your blog for a while. Found the link through keropokman's site. I really enjoy reading it although it makes me dreafully homesick. I love your descriptions, the photos and the varied cuisines and meals to suit all budgets. I feel it really accurately portrays a snapshot of Singaporean culture.

  3. Chng Tng's always lovely.

    On a hot day, a bowl of cold Chng Tng cools us down. On a cold day, a bowl of warm Chng Tng warms the heart.

    I have seen even more unusual stuff. Like jelly!

    The uni canteen sells this for 70 cents. It has the sweet potato, but no dried persimmons. ;-)

  4. I heard there's one stall at Commonweath Crescent Hawker Centre that does good hot desserts. You may like to check it out the next time you're around the area! :)

  5. I tried this cheng ting last night after reading your review, and I agree, the word to describe it is 'delightful'! Loved every spoonful ;-)


  6. I didn't even have to scroll down to see the picture to know which stall you were describing. =] This is my favourite cheng tng stall...which says a lot since I live in the west!


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