Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reader's Digest books for sale, and a public service announcement

Six Readers Digest books for sale
I am selling these on behalf of a family friend. Aunty M is a wonderful, warm-hearted woman, one of the nicest people I know. I think she believes in a person's word and integrity too. But that meant trouble when she received the Reader's Digest (RD) sweepstakes letters, which induce people into thinking they are already pre-selected as potential winners. And in order to continue in the sweepstakes, they encourage you to buy their merchandise.

The books are actually not bad, but I really don't like the way they are peddled via the sweepstakes. Misleading people (especially the elderly) into thinking they've got a foot in some lottery is simply preying on the gullible. Why can't RD be happy just selling them online or at bookstores? I've seen some at Borders too. But nooo. Conventional distribution methods alone are not enough. The folks at RD have to waste paper, printing and postage on waves upon waves of sweepstake brochures.

So the public service announcement for today is - "DON'T EVER GET SUCKED INTO THE RD SWEEPSTAKES!" You want to play the lottery, go buy Toto or 4D tickets instead. Sometimes the lottery is worth even more than the RD big prize. And you don't have to wait a whole year to see if you've won.

So, Aunty M's much wiser now. But she would like to see if the books can find a better home. This is the first batch. They are all hardcover books, very heavy, so she could only carry this many to my place. Second batch will come with a later visit.

The books are in excellent condition. You can view the whole lot at my Flickr set. Or see them individually here with details, enlarged photos of covers and sample content.

Fight Back With Food - usually S$79, now S$30

Healthy Bones, Muscles & Joints - usually S$89, now S$39

Family Guide to Medicine & Health - usually S$95, now S$45

101 Ways to Improve Your Memory - usually S$59, now S$25 (SOLD!)

Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things - usually S$59, now S$25 (SOLD!)

Select Editions (four books in one) - going for only S$8! (SOLD!)

These make excellent gifts too.


  1. Know what I like to do?

    dump in any other junk mails back into their business reply envelopes and send it back to them.

    Oh and make sure that you don't dump anything that will reveal your identity though... ;)

    If everyone can do this, I'm sure they'd be pretty pissed.

  2. Hahaha, that is one fantastic idea!!! :D


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