Saturday, June 21, 2008

TCC - The Drinks

Lychee Jazz and Strawberry Soy'tisfaction
Continuation from yesterday's TCC's post. This coffee chain has a wide variety of drinks, not just caffeinated ones. The Lychee Jazz (S$5.80) is a clear, fizzy concoction of sweet lychee and mint. Quite nice. Strawberry Soy'tisfaction (S$7.00) is this month's special - a strawberry ice cream plus soy milk freeze. Not too sweet but tasted more strongly of soy than strawberry.

Nutella and coffee make delicious partners!
The Nutello (S$5.40). Object above looks bigger than real life size. But small as it is, it's a potent mixture. Thick, unadulterated Nutella with coffee, topped with foamy milk and espresso powder. The waitress told us to stir it well. Yummy. Hazelnut always pairs well with coffee. Dang, I need to stock some Nutella at home!

I guess TCC does try to be innovative with its food and drinks. So do the other chains, but with varying success. Coffee Club. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Who else is there? Even the names are so similar. Which one do you like best?


  1. the sound of the Nutella coffee drink younger brother is a major Nutella fan...hmm...thinking maybe can concoct something similar for him.
    = )

  2. Ooo yes, TCC had great drinks. We almost always go for oreo milkshake. The nutello will be nice to try the next time.

  3. actually today wanted to try tcc one, but my friend say the food isn't that great.

    nutella drink! i love nutella but nv had any drink with it before.

  4. The Nutello sounds fantastic! Just like a drinkable truffle!

  5. Hehe, the Nutello looks like it has sambal belacan on top of it... that's how rich it looks! I happen to be a number one fan of Nutella so this is the drink for me! :D

  6. TCC for me, thank you. Their aglio olio rocks my boat.

    I had the azuki coffee the last time I was there. Coffee with red beans...? It does work!

    My friend claimed that his Choc. martini taste decent, too.

  7. Coffee Club and TCC.

    Usually, it does not really matter because when we meet up with friends, its usually the conversation that's first. Then it comes to the food and drinks. If it's good, it's a great bonus :-)

    Coffee Club is a bit higher in preference because we like the muddy mudpie :-p

  8. Mimosa: I love Nutella too! Am going to try it with coffee at home.

    Singairishgirl: Oreo milkshake! Sounds like milk and cookies all rolled into one!

    LIC: yeah, food at these chains are generally not to die for. But no harm trying.

    Darlene: ooh, drinkable truffle! you've just made this sound irresistible!

    Kenny: sambal belachan?? *faint* some things I love but not in my coffee!

    CT: Thanks! They've got so many drinks to choose from. Azuki, you say?

    K-man: oh yeah, the muddy mudpie! I have to agree that is a treat!

  9. Found this post from Foodgawker, and doesn't the Nutello picture look like a cigarette?

    And I don't even smoke!


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