Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mini bites from The Sandwich Shop

Hubby brought back some bitesize snacks one day, leftovers from an office party. These were from The Sandwich Shop. We liked the mini pizzas best with the tangy tomato mixture with melted cheese on top. The mini chicken pies and curry puffs were milder-tasting. All still good when toasted the next day.

I vaguely remember The Sandwich Shop (at Hitachi Tower) as a nice place to lunch when it wasn't crowded, which was rare. The salads and sandwiches felt a lot healthier than greasy hawker fare. Still, I didn't go often because it was also expensive (for my wallet).

at three locations:
Robinson Centre
Hitachi Towers
One Raffles Link
(click the link for addresses and contact info)



  1. I like finger food like this, esp mini pizzas!

    Thanks for your comment in my latest post. It’s very comforting. =)

  2. wah.. this is so much like what i had in mind! u haven tried them before at their shop?

    any idea how much for their sandwich?

  3. Somehow, food tastes better when they are bite sized, like hors d'oeuvres. LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :D

    choesf :D

  4. i had lunch at The Sandwich Shop a few days ago!



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