Friday, March 14, 2008

Homestyle breakfast from Werner's Oven

I saw on Werner's Oven's website that they offered breakfast. Some of the items sounded really nice, and we've had good mains here before for dinner, so we decided to try their breakfast last weekend. Well, we weren't expecting a real German breakfast but even what we got served was really very ordinary. The grilled sandwich with ham, cheese and tomato was well-grilled but the tiny portion made for disappointment at first sight (object above looks bigger than in real life).

We had highest hopes for the biggest platter on the menu. Alas, it was nothing extraordinary, tastewise. Like the rest of the dishes, it had this really "homemade" quality, but I mean this in the amateur sense. You could probably whip up something better at home. The strong herbs and spices in the German sausages also may not be to everyone's liking.

"Pile It Up" selection, S$6.00, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

We thought the buttermilk pancakes could have been a lot better too, both in terms of taste and presentation. The pallid appearance matched its dull flavour. Worst of all three, it fared.

I suppose you could treat yourself to the many bakery items they offer if you're not keen on the cooked breakfast. We didn't try anything that day though I remember their laugen brezel is nice.

Hearty, grainy loaves, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Werner's Oven does have some nice rustic breads. I used to love these until I started baking my own. But for a much more satisfying breakfast, I'd head over to the nearby Swiss Backerei anytime.

6 Upper East Coast Road#01-01/02/03
Tel: 6442-3897
Open Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays)
8.30am - 10.00pm



  1. u should make your own pancakes using ricotta cheese. they are yummy!

    i use the recipe by Bill Granger. ;-) i am sure your two little one (the older little one) would love it too!

  2. the fill-me-up breakfast doesn't looks like it will fill me up though. hahaha.

    yeah, probably better off making our own at home

  3. I know I'm way late commenting to your post, but being German (who loves Singapore and its food), I can tell you that none of the breakfast options above are actually typical German. No German person eats grilled toast for breakfast, pancakes are American, and the platter in the middle is actually a traditional English breakfast(add hash browns and brown sauce, and you've got a 'Full Monty').

    Love your blog!

  4. Nicole: yeah, we weren't expecting authentic German breakfast items, but even by local standards these are a bit sad. They do have good lunch and dinner items though.

    LIC and Keropokman: hah, missed replying your comments earlier. Philip - ricotta cheese pancakes? mmmh! Brad - better brunches elsewhere and at home!


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