Saturday, March 8, 2008

Malaysians kick butt in elections!

Whoa! Finally! Malaysian Works Minister Samy Vellu has been kicked out!!!! On his birthday too! Hurrah! For as long as I can remember, he's been Minister mostus corruptus with money-sucking scandals galore. I'm only sad it took 30 years to get rid of him. Well, justice at last.

Wow, such excitement this year in the Malaysian elections. The ruling coalition has lost many seats! I feel sorry for Pak Lah though. He's too nice for this game. Even now he is calling for people to stay calm, instead of calling for martial law.

He should raise his salary by a few million ringgit while he still can!


  1. really? his is out already? i heard he's corrupted before. hahaha!

    Changes are needed, hope the opposition can deny BN the 2/3 majority votes

  2. this time he won't be saying, ayam kambing beg! LOL

  3. K-man: Good joke, LOL!!! Hahahaha!

    Lady-i: Ya! Denied already! Whole country havoc now!


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