Tuesday, March 18, 2008

KFSeetoh Food Trail, Part Two: Maxwell Food Centre

Sunto Gyoza, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The KF Seetoh food trail continued to nearby Maxwell Food Centre, where the visiting guests sat down to a feast of local treats. Sorry hubby could not remember where most of them were from as he took a backseat to let photographers do their thing. But we tried one stall - Sunto Gyoza, in the middle alley.

Now, these are more the Chinese style guotie/potstickers/jiaozi than the delicate Japanese-style gyozas. The fried ones were unexpectedly delicious, with the thin skin fried very crisp. Don't be too shocked by the green-looking filling - seems they pulped the chives to integrate them right into the mince! Separate chili and vinegar with ginger dipping sauces, both excellent. I am definitely coming back for more of the fried dumplings!

Yes, again, no surprises here. Tian Tian was chosen as the chicken rice representative for Singapore. I didn't go for it because the queue stretched all the way to the car park. The chicken rice is good but not THAT good for me to join the madness.

En route to Maxwell market, the guests took a tour of the City Gallery at the URA Centre. You can find out lots about what's being planned for your neighbourhood here. Like we found out that there is a large rectangle earmarked for land reclamation hugging the shoreline near my block! Someday East Coast Park won't be a beach anymore!



  1. Heh... incidentally some weeks back I was queueing up at Tian Tian for at least a good 15 minutes before deciding that its simply not worth my time and I bought fried dumplings! Pretty yummy I must say.

    Other mistake I did was to give a 2nd chance to that icky curry chicken noodles. Still icky. :P

  2. Haa...the fried dumplings are nice, right? Coincidentally, there was someone eating curry chicken noodles at our table too! lol

  3. actually i find tian tian to be all right, i mean they are famous yeah, but if there's a Q i don't think i will q up jus to eat their chicken rice


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