Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sin Hoi Sai Eating House

Sin Hoi Sai at East Coast Road, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Most Singaporeans will recognise this as a cze-char stalwart. Business is always brisk despite competition from neighbouring Five-Star Chicken Rice which also does cze-char. Hubby used to frequent Sin Hoi Sai with family a long while back (he recalls good soon hock and kong pao chicken). For me, it's my first time last week.

Fried rice with salted fish, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

This was a well-executed fried rice. Good wok hei with savoury fragrance of salted fish in every bite. But beyond that, it's really just rice, bits of egg, beansprouts and scattering of spring onions. Not a lot of other ingredients, so if you're only having this, you might be shortchanging yourself on nutrients.

Unfortunately the other dishes we had were disappointing. The soup was tasteless. The sambal kangkong needed more sambal. The yam ring was lacklustre, and we had trouble finishing it. The prawn rolls (horrors) had turned! I think the tofu bits had soured already. However, the lady boss was very gracious, she immediately took this item off our bill. No questions asked.

It's probably our (bad) luck ordering the wrong dishes. We did see delicious-looking platters of black pepper crab and Guiness pork ribs going to other tables. Hmm. One plus is that this place opens late, so I think I might come back again for supper sometime.

187 East Coast Road
Tel: 6440-6956
Open 5pm to 4am daily

P.S. Does anyone know if this is related to the Sin Hoi Sai in Tiong Bahru?



  1. Tiong Bahru one is the main branch. The Siglap one started later.

    The fresh seafood is good. You could ask for recommendations.

  2. Hi, i've just stumbled on your blog and enjoyed it. Looks like we have the same interests, and food preferences too. Do you live in the East? I notice several of your blog posts are on restaurants in the East. I live in the East too!

  3. Ah thanks, Kathy!

    Hi, Chocolate Reindeer! Yes, I live in the East too. Glad you dropped by - always nice to find a kindred spirit!

    Singairishgirl, me too! But yet to find a really, really good one in Singapore.

  4. Ever think about putting a colourful header on your blog?

    Quite simple, in the layout section there is a add header portion. Simply select add header, upload a picture and Voila, you got a header!

  5. Haha, ieat, my masthead looks too pedestrian eh? Actually the colourful header feature was one of the first things I toyed with when I started the blog last year. But somehow I ended up preferring the plain and minimalist default version.

    I still get the itch to change it from time to time, so we'll see if some design inspiration hits.

  6. I eat at the tiong bahru one. I go for their prawn paste chicken and hokkien mee (dark sauce) everytime. I had really excellent chilli crab the first time but the second time, it was so darn spicy, even my mom who is a TRUE chilli lover could not eat it. I've been able to bring myself to order the crab since. The staff said sorry, the chilli supplier gave hotter chillis that time..


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