Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mutton murtabak from Zam Zam

Mutton murtabak, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Zam Zam's mutton murtabak is one of the best in Singapore. Hubby packed home an order last night. A giant slab of a prata (the length of my forearm!), thickly speckled with minced mutton and chopped onions. It was sinfully delicious. Of course, it's best to eat it hot and crisp at the restaurant itself. I'm pleasantly surprised they used banana leaf in the takeaway package.

Looks like they spelt out pretty much their entire menu on the plastic bag too. Their mee goreng is not too bad either, although I've had better elsewhere. Murtabak-wise, mutton is way better than chicken.

697-699 North Bridge Road
(oh heck, you can read the plastic bag!)



  1. Oh my gawd! That's.... tempting >_<

  2. have you noticed that chicken murtabak here is generally more expensive than mutton murtabak?

  3. hi cam, just started blogging.

    added u as a link can? :)

  4. Southernoise, yes, have seen that in a few places. Not sure why the ayam is more pricey than the kambing. Either they have goats in the backyard or halal chicken is pricier than mutton.

    Ice, congrats! Sure thing. Added you here too.

    Paul, thanks! :)

  5. i used to work nearby and lunch there once a week. thank heavens temptaton is out of the way now. have you tried their halwa? extremely smooth but the strong scent of rosewater takes some getting used to.

  6. the murtabak shown in the picture is looking so yummy....can't wait to taste it.

  7. will visit this place this week:)


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