Monday, November 12, 2007

Indian rojak at Jago Close

Indian rojak - fritters of various kinds topped with chopped onions, cucumber and green chillies. This is from a small humble corner stall in a narrow coffee shop at Jago Close (near East Coast Road). Their fried potato is nicely seasoned, unlike the bland types elsewhere.

There is a certain fruity or fragrant sweetness to the dipping sauce - perhaps pineapple? I can't tell. I'm just thankful it isn't dominated by sweet potato mash, like it is at Saji's and Geylang Serai's. But other than that, this is quite an ordinary but satisfying Indian rojak.

I have only ever tried Indian rojak from this stall. Next time I should try some of its other stuff like prata, mee goreng or briyani.

Fu Sen Eating House
228 East Coast Road (junction with Jago Close)



  1. I agree that the sweet potato mash can be overwhelming at times...I like my dippping with crushed peanuts!

  2. Nic, me too!!!! I think I must BYO next few places do the sauce right.

  3. so true...perhaps one day we will have to resort to satay sauce for the nutty flavour...sad, right? Btw, added you in my foodspiration links...


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