Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peter at Jago Close - Char Kway Teow

Char kway teow, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

This half-stall at Jago Close has built up a reputation for good char kway teow. It's not bad and I'd eat it more than once but it's not exactly something I'd travel across half the island for.

The first mouthful is very nice but somehow the subsequent ones can taste a bit bland, like the tastebuds have been numbed - sometimes I wonder if the allergens in seafood can have that effect on tongues. I've had similar encounters with Hokkien mee too.

If you'd like extra ingredients (e.g. cockles), you can add S$1. I've not tried the carrot cake - or maybe I have and forgotten. Anyway, Peter only opens in the evenings, 5.00pm to 11.30pm (good for supper!). He's been in business since 1969 but I guess he only takes orders now and leaves the heavy-duty frying work to his younger protege.

Fu Sen Eating House
228 East Coast Road
Open 5:00pm to 11:30pm; Closed Tuesdays



  1. hello!!! i have been reading your blog quite religiously everyday... sometimes even checking it two to three times a day just to look at the pictures... just a big thank you for posting them!!! life's a bit boring here in brisbane where i really miss the food back in singapore... :) char kuay teow... i miss the cocklessssss....yum!

  2. the char kuay teow looks so good... is this coffeeshop located at a corner, across the street from a pub?

  3. Stoplookingatfood: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the photos. I know Brisbane quite well, lived there a year. Yes, the food situation there can be a bit of a drag.

    Piggy: Yes, it's the corner coffeeshop facing the old Bojangles pub (or whatever its name is nowadays).

  4. peter@jago fried kway teow mee is moving to blk 18 coffee shop T bedok south ave 1, beside blk 16 hawker ctr, opp. termasek J.C. on mid of july next mth opening hours should be 10am to 10 pm


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