Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chicken Winglets from TSC

Chicken Winglets - TSC Style, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Mmmh, just had to blog this. Chicken wings from Tong Shui Cafe (again, yeah, sorry, I know a lot of people don't like this joint). Fried piping hot with crispy skin! You can have it four ways - BBQ sauce, etc, this is the regular or Tong Shui signature style. Never mind the bed of mayo and tomato sauce it sat on. The chicken was fine on its own.

We had to have more thick toast. The honey and butter version was golden brown and delicious, with the honey forming a shallow well in the centre of the cut toast. They were even more generous this time with the D24 durian puree too.

Platter of peanuts, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Interestingly, they gave us a huge plate of peanuts this time the minute we sat down - I'm not sure if it's an afternoon/teatime only thing (it was around 3pm). Forgot to take the receipt, so not sure if they charged us for this. Probably did. Those wet towels are added to the bill too, by the way.

I wish I didn't have a cold...I would have loved to have that whole jar of cold honey lemon - I tried a sip, so refreshing! Well, I had my warm Pu Erh chinese tea with rosebuds (S$2.88 for whole pitcher), which actually was a good call. It cleansed all the oilyness away (from the chicken wings and sinful toast).

1 Liang Seah Street #05-01
Open daily, noon to 6am



  1. I tried it at the Bugis Outlet with a friend twice over the last week, really liked it. Their durian Puree and peanut butter + condensed milk toast.

    They charge for the towels and peanuts($2.00 IIRC), but well, for that amount of peanuts, the $2 are much more worth it than many other places where they give you peanuts amount of peanuts for the same amount.

    My friend even commented that we could just check out the TV schedule of the chinese movie channel go there, order a drink, and eat peanuts, and watch the show there.

    I tried the recommendations you had in the previous post, really liked them. Well, the peanut butter and condensed milk toast was a mixed feeling, considering Im not a big fan of Peanut butter, and its sticky, hard to eat. But it had a unique and rich taste of peanut butter, I didn't really reject it. Though I guess people who like peanut butter would love it. Its pretty difficult to eat, my friend commented that if there was ever an eating competition, it'd probably be the boss stage and I wholeheartedly agree.

    Need to try the wings the next time we go there.

  2. Nice blog~I really wish to go there and try those foods,as I am very interested in HK-style food or dim sum~

    Dont know whther HK Kim Gary@Vivocity is nice or not,wish to try the toast of different places: TSC,Kim Gary and Man Jia Le...

  3. Anon: I'm glad you liked the place. I didn't find the peanut butter toast that sticky, but mainly because we picked at it in small leisurely bites. Boss level of eating competition - LOL! You must be a gamer! :D

    Poor student: by all means try the different places offering HK-style food but do note that these will likely not be as authentic as what you can find in HK itself. Still, authenticity aside, if you enjoy the food, that's what matters most! :)

  4. have you tried hk cafe along east coast road? i think that's pretty nice too. =)

  5. wenxiu, no, haven't tried that one yet although passed by quite a few times. My hubby REFUSES to eat there. He hates HK food. I'll have to find other kaki to join me! :P

  6. hey i lurve hk food too! esp the pb french toast@novena, another branch of the east coast one!

    cam, wenxiu, join the club! :)

    kim gary is another one those better hk cafes to check out too! >.<


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