Friday, November 16, 2007

First blogpost via iPod touch

Well, well, let's see how smoothly this works. I'm blogging from KK Hospital on my iPod touch. Yeah not quite the most glam of hotspots but no choice. Have been admitted today for emergency observation. Hope baby doesn't need to come out early!

P.S. Sigh, there goes my plan for pigging out this weekend!


  1. hope u are all right : )

  2. Take care hor.

    Are you going to do a series on Hospital food? hehe...

  3. Thanks, everyone! :) I'm OK and back at home now. No, I'm not going to do a series on hospital food (yuck). Am going to do a series on Bedok's S$2 eats though! It got waylaid by the unexpected hospital stay. And now we bring you back to normal food programming!

  4. haha TC and may u have a CUTE CUTE baby


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