Sunday, August 5, 2007

Al Forno - Not The Same Anymore

Pizza Diavolo, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

We felt like a bit of Italian tonight but didn't want to travel far. Chose Al Forno, even though we know the original owners have sold out some time ago and gone on to form Artz Pizza/Baraonda.

Well, we remembered a nice pizza diavolo (S$21) there - just salami, cheese and chili. But this time it wasn't as nice as we remembered. Less cheese (or poorer quality), and not as spicy. Hubby still enjoyed it but I thought it was mostly just salty.

Hubby's aglio olio was disappointing. Too bland and portion too big for something tasting so flat (guess they just threw in more noodles to justify the $18 price). We requested for it to be really al dente, but it came as Singaporean style al dente (i.e. still too soft). Next time, we'll just make it ourselves at home.

Linguini Mare e Monte, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

This is a highlighted "new" item on the menu. Listed as penne, but I asked for linguini. Pasta with mushrooms, prawns, calamari in cream and chili sauce. The chili flakes I added separately. Yes, lots of seafood but the cream sauce was too thick and cloying. Also too bland for my liking. S$22

Don't you just hate it when you feel full after a meal but not happy? All in all, it was the dumbest S$90 we've ever spent (after a beer, Coke and +++). I don't think we'll be back anymore.

400 East Coast Road
Tel: you sure you wanna call?


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  1. 90 bucks?! damn

    I spend almost $70 at Pawtobello (A doggie friendly place at Mohd Sultan) for lousy food too. Medium rare ribeye that tasted like tough sirlion that was cooked well done.

    At least the tea there was served in "fine china" and tasted decent. The dogs were happy too.


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