Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Supper at Cafe Oliv

Tonight I get to cross off another place off my "to-eat" list and I'm glad I did so. Hubby and I finally made our way to Cafe Oliv for a supper bite (late dinner rather). They are open til midnight but I don't think they get that much business after dinner hours. We were the only customers there at 10pm and they seemed surprised to even see us walk in.

Still, the place looked cheery to us and service was extra attentive. We had starters of the famed salted egg coated soft-shell crab as well as cheese wedges. Both were fried piping hot and crisp. The crab was delicious! It was a party of savoury, umami and seafood flavours. Went very well with the flavoured mayo that came with it. I think some of the salted egg went inside the shell though (but not a bad thing). By the way, the orange juliennes you see are not carrot but deep-fried sweet potato. Interesting touch.

These were fine - just your usual wedges. However, I did wonder how come potatoes cost more than crabs for the starters.

This was the highlight of the evening. Very yummy ribs atop flavourful mash. The meat was soft, sweet and fell away easily enough from the bones. Parts of it were charred and caramelised til crispy (they grill it just before serving, for that effect). I'm not sure if they actually do import this special cut of ribs from Germany, which includes soft bones at the end but my hopes for cartilage were more than met. There was probably more soft bones than meat - you could literally pull out complete soft bones from the ribs - wonderful for me, as I'm a soft bone fanatic! So in addition to my proteins, I think I satisfied at least two days' worth of calcium! Half slab for S$15.90; Full slab for S$25.90 (I'm going the whole hog next time).

Grilled Tenderloin S$18.90, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The other main dish we shared was the tenderloin. Nice, tender chunk of meat but there was something in the marinade or seasoning that tasted odd...maybe some herb or spice. Too creative? Sigh...really good beef doesn't need seasoning more than salt and pepper. The ribs were much better.

Wash all that greasy grub down with some pure fruit juice! They carry this range of Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices that aren't made from concentrate, have no added sugar or water, no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours. Oh, in addition to coffees, teas, juices, they have a variety of beers, wines and even champagne!

Well, all in all, a really good place I wouldn't mind coming back to. Good food, cosy ambiance, nice soft chairs and pleasant service. There's also no service charge or GST.

220 East Coast Road
Tel: 6344-3114



  1. I've been meaning to try Cafe Oliv for the longest time (I live in the east too). Now I will because I want to try the soft shell crab. Kebab Station is also one of my favourite Lebanese places to eat at -- i usually go to the one at Marine Cove. What good taste you have :)

  2. Why thank you, Eggy! Yes, do go try Cafe Oliv. It's a good place, I hope they stay in business for a long time.

    Ah so the Marine Cove Kebab Station does open - every time I am there, it is closed shut, chained and padlocked. Still, I'm glad they created the little Parkway Parade outpost.

    I'm gonna bake me some no-knead bread tomorrow! Preparing the dough tonight. Wish me luck!

  3. Haha! i also wanted to try Cafe Oliv after reading a review on it in the newspaper, but its located in the east and i live in the west.

    Nice pictures of the food, how u make yr pictures look so nice? : )
    Keep yr posts coming!!

  4. if the ribs come from germany, i m dead sure that slab will cost you 40 bucks.

    probably ribs from germany is some floating old folks legend haha

  5. Anon, you might be right - it certainly would cost a helluva lot more if really imported from Germany.

    As for old folks legend, well, I got the info from ieat's blog. :P

  6. Thank you, ladyironchef! Glad you like the pics. Hope you get to try Cafe Oliv one day if you ever find yourself in the East! I keep wanting to go to the West to try some goodies there myself!

  7. haha! i will, one day. have to wait for my friend to drive den got chance go to the east to taste the good food. lol

    last time went to Aston-Specialist at East coast pass by and saw Cafe Oliv, but since we decided on Aston already so nv went Oliv.

    U shld find time come over the West side also, plenty of food around : )


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