Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Soup Restaurant: Always Reliable

Samsui chicken platter (small), originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The Soup Restaurant never fails to please. First tasted them more than 10 years ago, they are today still serving up delicious meals in a lovely Chinese coffee-shop setting. Their signature samsui chicken is a platter of fully deboned steamed chicken accompanied with a ginger-sesame-stock dip.

You are also given a mound of fresh lettuce leaves for the samsui chicken. Wrap a cold, crisp leaf around a slice of plump, juicy chicken, and voila! Refreshing bites of savoury heaven.

Lingzhi soup with pork ribs, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Yes, this is a soup restaurant after all, so they do offer a variety of Chinese herbal soups. Ginseng chicken, black chicken, pork ribs with various herbs. We tried the lingzhi with pork ribs. A tinge of herbal bitterness kept hubby away from it, but I drank it all.

The de rigeur plate of vegetables to balance out the meal. Nice rendition of sambal kangkong. Crunchy, savoury and spicy.

Salad prawns, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

This was a new or promotional dish, may not be a permanent feature. Salad prawns that came deep-fried in batter and drizzled with salad cream. I'm not sure I relish the macabre row of decapitated prawn heads guarding their dismembered bodies. Hubby enjoyed this dish, but I thought it was a little bland and didn't really care for the heavy salad cream. The prawns went better with the sambal kangkong chili gravy, I thought.

But all in all, a satisfying meal with decent service despite it being a busy outlet (Suntec City branch).

about 10 outlets islandwide now
Google them for locations



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