Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Circles.Life $20 for 20GB: Biggest and Cheapest Data Plan in Singapore

Yes, you've heard. Circles.Life just launched the Data Plus option offer of 20GB for S$20, making it the largest ever no-contract data plan under S$50 available in the market today.

This means up to 26GB for just $48/month!

How does it work?

1. Sign up for the Base Plan (S$28/month) that gives you up to 6GB data (plus 100 mins calls, free WhatsApp bandwidth and caller ID).

2. Add on the Data Plus option (S$20 for 20GB) to top up your data.

3. SURF & BINGE WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS LIKE CRAZY now that you have as much as 26GB per month!

Need a referral code for $20 off registration?


Circles is the largest no-contract plans provider in Singapore, and has been shaking up the market since it launched last year. I've been a happy customer since I found them. See my 12 good reasons to switch to Circles.

A lot of people are making the switch (I know from the referral code usage). The biggest question they have is usually - "What's the coverage like?" My answer: it's decent (based on M1 network), stronger in some places, slower in others. For the price and freedom from contracts, this digital telco is unbeatable.

A Hardwarezone article published on Yahoo compared all the telcos to see which would be the most affordable choice for a mobile phone plus 20GB per month, and it was clear Circles left everyone else in the dust.


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