Monday, October 24, 2016

Circles.Life Review: 12 Reasons to Switch Over to Circles

I love the new telco Circles.Life! I've been testing it out since mid-year and I have been so pleased with it, I couldn't wait to port over my own number - my own contract just ended recently. And you know what? I was so stunned by HOW EASY it was to port my number over. I just had to fill in two things - my postpaid number and provider - and click, that's it! You don't even have to cancel your number - Circles will help you on that end.

Actually Circles makes everything remarkably smooth and easy; after testing the service, I can tell you 12 things I like about it.

1. Price
Truth be told, I was tired of paying my existing provider way too much every month. Circles gives me everything I need (megaloads of data) for a bargain! I don't use talktime or SMS so much; these days, calls and messages can be all done online. And thanks to all the bonuses, I actually have more data now (11GB vs 7GB previously) at one third the price.

2. No Contract
You aren't tied down to a two-year commitment. You can switch out anytime if you're not happy. It's what freedom tastes like, basically. I think this also makes the telco work harder to keep you happy, so you'll stay.

3. No Queues
Everything is done online, even signing up! You don't need to go to a store, take a number, get in a long line, fill out long forms, etc. The site is so easy to use and hassle-free. You wonder why things weren't this simple before.

4. Package Perks
The basic package gives you up to 6GB and 100mins talktime for S$28 a month. Caller ID is free! And this is all pure mobile data, no part WiFi bandwidth that requires you to be at specific hotspots. SMS is pay as you go (5 cents each).

Best of all, you get unlimited WhatsApp data - it doesn't count against your data usage. This is important to me because we are sending so much photos, videos and even doing calls on WhatsApp.

5. Flexibility
You can add upgrade or downgrade your package however you like, as often as you wish. Add on more data or talktime if you need, and switch back when you no longer need it.

6. Transparency
I know what I am paying for. There are no hidden charges. How I hate those "miscellaneous" or "value-added" charges that I have to scrutinise the bill for previously.

7. Great customer service
You can contact customer service via online chat on their mobile app. They are super helpful and responsive. You'll also get a chat log emailed to you for reference.

8. Very decent coverage
Circles uses the M1 4G network. Some have asked me if the connection is good enough. Well, I tested the connectivity side-by-side with my own provider. I used browsers, Google Maps, bus apps, YouTube, Netflix, and even Pokemon Go. Circles did just fine (and in fact gave me more Pokemon to catch in some areas). It was only a bit slower in a couple of instances but what I get is more than good enough.

9. Free bonus data every now and then
And they are always giving promotions like the SG51 free 10GB data , so every now and then data bonuses just keep stacking.

10. Great mobile app
The CirclesCare app lets you track your usage, modify your plan, earn bonuses and get help from customer service. It even has a speed test function. You can send the results to the support team if you are facing any connectivity problems.

11. No-contract phones
You still get to buy the phones you like, on an instalment basis. Again, no queues necessary. Just get yours online.

12. More bonus data when you refer friends!
Circles has a great referral program. Your friends get S$20 waived off their registration, and you get 200MB data added to your monthly quota for every friend you refer who signs up. The bonus is live as long as they stay on Circles.

You can use mine too, if you need one to help with registration fees! Thank you in advance for the extra data! :)

Feel free to use my referral code U3J5I and get $20 off your registration fee!

And that's the letter I, not number 1, at the end!

Port-in Bonus! 

Circles truly is the best no-contract mobile plan for data. If you're thinking of switching, there's no better time. You get 1GB free data added to your package permanently when you port in your number. And you also get another 1GB free data until end of 2016. Enjoy at least 2GB free data.

UPDATE Nov 2016:
They've also introduced a break your contract promo. So if you still have a few months going on your contract, Circles will reward you with extra bonus data up to 12GB.

This is NOT an advertorial. I did get to trial the service for three months when it started, and I switched over most happily. 


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