Tuesday, March 21, 2017

World Down Syndrome Day 2017 - #MyVoiceMyCommunity

Today, 21 March, is World Down Syndrome Day, so named because persons with Down Syndrome carry three copies of the 21st chromosome.

This year the theme is "My Voice, My Community." Here's a global video journey promoting inclusion of people with Down syndrome. It features videos of people with Down syndrome, among their friends and peers. They talk about how it is important for their voices to be heard, as equal citizens of their countries and they encourage their governments to listen to their concerns.

You can also help promote awareness of Down Syndrome today by wearing colourful socks!

It's quirky fun, but might start a conversation. Meanwhile, a big shout out to the special education teachers at MINDS for the fabulous job they are doing, and helping our children gain necessary living skills and also enjoy learning. I'm so envious when my girl Nadine gets to go horse-riding and in-line skating. Her classmates are a real sweet bunch too.

If you know of anyone who feels uncertain about having a baby with Down Syndrome, please let them know there's always support and help in many forms. I'd be happy to talk to them, so send them my email -- camemberu@gmail.com.

The Down Syndrome Association in Singapore has proven to be a great resource; they are great for perspective and are super supportive.


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