Monday, November 14, 2016

Circles.Life Referral Code OBWAN

YES!!! I'm no longer stuck with a randomly generated referral code, but I now own OBWAN, named after my favourite sci-fi Gandalf. That's all because from Nov 2016, Circles.Life users can customise their referral code, as a reward for hitting 3GB of bonus data.

Use my referral code OBWAN and get $20 off your registration fee!

Seriously, he's so bad ass, he fears nothing.

Circles.Life does have a great referral program - code users get $20 off, and you get 200MB bonus monthly data per user who stays on the network. The bonus data keeps adding up!

Don't worry, my old one 2DQWC still works, if you submitted that. If you'd like to help my daughter Jolie get 200Mb more to talk to me, then use her code:


(and that's the letter I, not number 1, at the end)

By the way, some people aren't sure where to key in the referral or promo code. It's right here on top of the final screen before checkout:

Yeah that gray box can be a bit hard to spot if you zero in on checking the figures and the big blue PAY NOW button. But now you know!

Reasons to Switch

Still wondering whether to switch? Check out my 12 reasons to consider!

Break Up Bonus Data

Circles also just introduced the "Break Up" promo campaign. If you're still tied to your existing telco's contract, you'll be happy to know you can be rewarded with extra data for breaking that contract early. Circles will give you 2GB per month EXTRA data (up to 12GB max) until June 2017. After which, 1GB per month stays on permanently.

For example, if you have 6 months left on your contract, if you port your number over, you'll get 12GB per month BONUS data until June 2017. From July, your bonus data will then be 6GB per month.


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