Thursday, November 10, 2016

Korean and Thai Snacks

Recently I got to try some new snacks from Korea and Thailand.

Darda Premium Caramel Popcorn (S$3.90)

i) Caramel & Cashew Nuts
ii) Caramel & Pretzels

Product of South Korea

Highlights: Similar taste to Garret Popcorn but at a more affordable price.
Uses Mushroom kernel popcorn which pop into firm round shapes, unlike Butterfly types that are light, airy and pop into complicated shapes. The popcorn is coated with rich caramel, but does not stick between teeth after eating. Resealable pack for convenience.


My take: Forget Garrett! This is WAY better and far more addictive. The caramel coating is truly generous and the hint of salt just makes this so addictive. I generally prefer savoury to sweet snacks but this one won me over.

Available at: NTUC Fairprice (from Dec-Jan festive period), SPC Gas stations, Popular bookstores, Redmart, Nice minimart, Shine Korea Mart, Sol-Mart,

Yuki Jasmine Rice Crackers (S$1.50)


i) Snowy Milk Flavour (57g)
ii) Original Flavour (57g)

This is produced in Thailand by an old Japanese Brand 雪饼 (Snowy Milk)
Highlights: Smooth and light texture


My take: Oh these are pretty nice. They kinda taste like Wang Wang biscuits but are more delicate in texture but stronger in taste.

Available at: Caltex Gas stations, Popular bookstores, Redmart, Nice

Chao Lay Crispy Anchovy (S$4.95)


i) Tom-Yum Flavour (100g)
ii) Original Flavour (100g)

Product of Thailand

Highlights: No MSG, No Preservatives, High Omega 3, High Protein. Can be used to as a protein-based topping for instant noodles/ Bee Hoon/ Porridge. Also makes a good beer snack.


My take: These take a bit of getting used to. They are not the super crunchy kind of satay fish that we have locally. Although generally crispy, the fish is a little bit soft and chewy. The anchovy scent is also an acquired taste. I still prefer our local versions of crispy fish or Big Bang Seaweed for the spicy tom yum taste. I think they might work better in porridge or with soupy noodles than as a snack.

Available at: NTUC Fairprice (from Dec-Jan festive period), Popular bookstores, Redmart, Nice minimart,

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