Sunday, October 30, 2016

JAR'D by Sarnies: Singapore's First Mason Jar Salad Bar

The folks at Sarnies CafĂ© (that popular coffee, salad, and sandwich joint at Telok Ayer) have launched JAR’D: a mason jar salad bar.

The jars look beautiful. The layers of ingredients are strategically placed: dressing and protein first, everything else layered in the middle, and greens on top. This way the greens stay crisp, and the sauce stays where it’s supposed to. Give it a quick shake, and voila - ready to eat salad!

It's not so easy to eat from the jar though. I still had to pour it out into a bowl to properly mix it up. But it's then that you see just how big the portion is - huge!

The salads are available in 750ml or 1 litre jars. Choose from Tuna Tataki (S$12.5/S$16), Roast Chicken & Pesto (S$12.5/S$16), Vegan Zoodle Pad Thai (S$12/S$15), and Quinoa & Feta (S$12.5/S$16).

I tried these two varieties:

Tuna Tataki (right in photo)

Ingredients: mixed greens, seared tuna, bonito flakes, seaweed, edamame, daikon, purple cabbage, japanese cucumber, sesame seeds, soy & mirin dressing

This is seriously good value given that there's a generous portion of sashimi grade tuna. I also like the Japanese-inspired dressing. 

Vegan Zoodle Pad Thai (left in photo)

Ingredients: zucchini, cashews, carrots, bean sprouts, red bell peppers, edamame, purple cabbage, sesame seeds, thai basil, spring onions, sesame dressing

This one isn't anything Thai-like, really, but it's a refreshing vegetarian salad. The sweet and savoury peanut paste is really thick, so you definitely have to take it out of the jar to stir and mix well.

The certified safe Mason jars are tightly sealed, and ready for consumption anytime. Office folks can now skip the never-ending lunchtime queues and get lunch with their usual morning coffee - no more soggy lunches. The jars are very portable and reusable.

If you're wondering about the environmental impact, JAR‘D actively recycles the glass jars that are sold daily. For those who are not too sure what to do with the extra jars, bring them back in to JAR’D to be recycled and enjoy a dollar off the subsequent salad purchase. The jars themselves are lovely keepsakes.

JAR’D also offers specially concocted Superfood Shakes (from S$8.50) for a wholesome breakfast fix. For a guilt-free mid-day snack, choose from
Cocowhip (from S$6.50), the world’s first soft serve made from coconut water; BSKT’s vegan and gluten free Superfood Bars (S$5) packed with nutrients, or The Whole Kitchen’s freshly baked Gluten Free Banana Bread (S$5.50).

Sarnies fans will certainly not go without the specialty coffee (from S$4.50).

B1-38 Tower 1
One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616
Open Mon-Fri 7:30am to 3:30pm


Many thanks to JAR'D by Sarnies for the mason jar experience!


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