Thursday, June 3, 2010

Truffs the Chocolate Atelier

Darkest of pleasures...these truffles will bring you places you never knew existed
What are your deepest, darkest pleasures? How far will you go?

Will it be the safe but sweet?
55% équateur dark chocolate: Beautifully semi sweet dark chocolate using cocoa beans from plantations along the Equator. Almost has a hint of coconut in them. Maybe my imagination has gone too tropical.

Or midway nice and naughty?
66% antilles dark chocolate: The finest cocoa beans from Caribbean islands conspire to bring a fruity and aromatic taste with delicate shades of almonds and roasted coffee.

Perhaps all the way...
70% honduras dark chocolate: true, dark, pure, smooth and intense! The cocoa beans from the rare Criollos and Trinitarios trees carry a hint of the fragrance of the flowers.

These are all artisanal truffles from Truffs. Each luxuriously handmade, each a pure orb of chocolate ecstasy. The thin cocoa-dusted chocolate shell cracks to reveal a rich chocolate ganache that melts slowly in your mouth. You can't help but go, "oh, my god..."

Truffs only makes pure chocolate truffles - no fancy liquers or nuts or flavours to tamper with the pure taste of chocolate. Chocolatier Teng Ee Liang believes this is one of the best ways to enjoy pure chocolate. He learned traditional French method of making truffles while training at Le Cordon Bleu.

A box of 9 truffles (S$24) and 18 truffles (S$43)
I like their simple but elegant packaging. A box of 9 truffles (on the left) is yours for S$24, and two boxes of 18 truffles (same flavour) is S$43.

These are some of the richest and most intense chocolates I have come across. I have never been impressed by truffles in Singapore until now.  You will be torn between gobbling up the whole box and savouring the treats slowly.

Cute giftcards
These truffles will certainly be gifts that will elicit pure, intense joy.

No preservatives are used, so these need to be consumed within a short period (well, as if that is ever going to be a problem).

Thank you Ei Liang, Indra and Hui Ying for the truffles you sent. There is true passion in those chocolates.

179a Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068627
Tel: +65 9088-2736
Open Mon - Fri : 12pm - 7pm
Sat : 12pm - 4pm
Closed on Sundays
and Public Holidays


  1. i love unadulaterated chocolate!

  2. Oh so decadent! Count me in on that dark, dark chocolate... ;)

  3. oooh... Love them.. Popping a couple of the 70% Honduras relieves my tension while the 66% antilles are for when I'm relaxing.
    Truffs = Truffles + no frills.

  4. mmm..... I LOVE CHOCOLATE !!!

  5. Forgot to mention that the truffles are huge too! Nice and big!

  6. They are so so good aren't they? I've been there twice now and each time has been sheer joy!


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